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SPEEDLINK Invictus Core Gaming Mousepad Review


SPEEDLINK is a computer peripherals and gaming accessories manufacturer that is stationed in Europe. It has enjoyed a lot of success in the industry since its inception in 1998. Today, SPEEDLINK continues to provide quality products across 30 countries in Europe, with almost 10 million sound systems and 15 million game controllers, showing SPEEDLINK’s might and influence in the computer and gaming peripherals market. It also shows how well SPEEDLINK can adapt to the fast paced nature of the market.

SPEEDLINK’s products are the results of its people willingness to try and experiment with different concepts and designs which results in unique and effective products not just for the hardcore gamers, but for the casual computer user as well. Today, SPEEDLINK has graciously allowed us to review the Invictus Core Gaming Mousepad.

Specifications and Features

  • Gaming mousepad designed for professional demands
  • Double-sided use for any gaming situation
  • Non-slip base
  • Wrist rest
  • Two sides for optimum control and maximum speed
  • Compatible with all optical and laser sensors up to´13,900dpi
  • For ultra high-sense or low-sense gaming
  • Gliding-optimised polymer surface for minimal friction
  • Plastic-coated aluminium core for added sturdiness
  • Optimum ergonomics thanks to its low height
  • Pressure resistant thanks to mousepad mat with precise- and flush-fitting surround
  • Dimensions: mousepad mat: 320 × 280mm, mousepad: 300 × 215 × 5mm (W × D × H),

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The box of the Invictus is a long, rectangular shaped container that has an opening on the left side, which is where a portion of the see through plastic containing the Invictus is located. The right side contains an image of the Invictus mousepad and its specs. Below it is the list of features of the Invictus.


At the back are more features and marketing hype for the Invictus.

When opening the packaging, you’ll see the following: the Invictus Core Gaming Mousepad and the rubber mousepad mat.

Invictus Core Gaming Mousepad

Since the Invictus has two parts, the Mousepad and the mousepad mat, let’s take a good look at them separately.


First of is the Invictus Mousepad itself. It has an average size for a hardmat and is not that thick. The defining feature of the Invictus is the two different surfaces of the mousepad that offers two totally different experiences and serves two different purposes as well. The first surface is the smooth, “Speed” surface. This surface enables the mouse to glide and cover a lot of ground easily. The side is distinguishable by the arrows symbol near the Invictus logo.


The second surface is the rough, “Accuracy” surface. This surface has a tough exterior that slows down mouse movements for accuracy and precision. the symbol for this surface is the edgy bullseye logo near the Invictus logo.


The last thing to look at is the mousepad mat. This is a container of sorts for the Invictus that holds it in place. The mousepad mat is made out of rubber and is not affected by any surface, which gives the Invictus stability on every surface. It also has a wrist rest for the added comfort.

User Experience and Conclusion


To test out the Invictus, we paired it up with the SPEEDLINK PRIME Z-DW Gaming Mouse to see its capabilities. Then, we used it to play OSU!, as the game will help in measuring both the smooth and rough surfaces of the Invictus. We first tested the smooth surface of the mouse and played an upbeat song with requires a lot of movement. It was easy to move the cursor around, although I had a bit of a rough time when I needed to follow the cursor in a straight direction since it tends to cover a lot of ground with the slightest move of the wrist.

Next, we tested the rough surface with a slow song that caters to this surface’s feature. I was able to follow around and navigate the beatmap quite easily and even during the parts where the buttons where group together, I never missed a beat thanks to the traction that this surface provided. It gave me a hard time, however, when the buttons were spread out, as I had a hard time to cover a lot of ground with this surface.

In conclusion, the Invictus Mousepad is a solid hardmat that gives a bit of versatity and stability thanks to its non-slip mousepad mat. Its something that I would recommend to many people to use and will love. Although it might need a bit of toning down, as both surfaces tend to go to extremes with their features, Its a small handicap that can easily be beaten. We here at B2G give the SPEEDLINK Invictus Core Gaming Mousepad the Recommended award.


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