Samsung T1 Portable SSD

Samsung T1 Portable SSD 250GB Hands-On Review

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.: $127.99 – Samsung T1 at Amazon

PHP – Approx.: Php9999 – 250GB, 500GB/1TB Price TBA

We’ve taken a look at plenty of SSDs here in the labs but we’ve yet to see a Samsung SSD make an appearance in our library so it’s actually kind of amusing that our first Samsung SSD for review isn’t the glorious line of internal SSDs we’ve coveted but rather their latest portable offering: the Samsung T1 Portable SSD. Announced earlier this year, the Samsung T1 is an engineering marvel coming in at only a 71mm x 53mm frame with a 9.2mm thickness, its almost as thin as its USB cable and weighs in at only 30grams.

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This small size doesn’t compromise speed though with the Samsung T1 rated for 450MB/s wread and write performance via USB3.0. We managed to get our hands during the local Philippines press launch of the Samsung T1 Portable SSD and we’ll share our initial impressions in this hands-on review. Read on!

Features & Specification

  • Super fast read-write speeds of up to 450 MB/s driven by Turbo Write Technology.
  • Easy Password Protection – Embedded AES 256 bit encryption for cutting edge data security
  • Slim compact shape, combining style and portability featuring laser patterning and black chrome metalized finish
  • Capacity: 250GB
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Interface: USB 3.0, USB 2.0
  • Transfer Rate: 450 MB/s
  • Encryption: AES 256-bit

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Closer Look

Images provided by Reimaru Files

The Samsung T1 Portable SSD is small. Really small as we’ve described earlier. Samsung has designed the chassis to have an elegant textured finished with one end of the Samsung T1 clad in a gloss surface. A metallic Samsung logo is emblazoned on one side with one of the narrow ends home to the USB3.0 connector port.

Quick Benchmarks & First Impression

First off, let’s measure the Samsung T1 Portable SSD’s maximum potential performance via ATTO Disk Benchmark. ATTO Disk Benchmark measures a drive’s read and write speeds with increasing file sizes and graphs them.

Samsung T1 Portable SSD ATTO Disk Benchmark
Samsung T1 Portable SSD ATTO Disk Benchmark

The drive is rated for 450MB/s and as we can see in the screenshot of our benchmark above, Samsung is a bit modest in the rating with read speeds definitely peaking at 460MB/s for read performance when we go past 256MB file size. For write speeds though, numbers are a touch above 400MB/s with the Samsung T1 peaking at 420MB/s write speeds. If that doesn’t impress you, remember that this is a USB3.0 device. The fastest USB3.0 SSD we’ve tested is around 256MB/s only. These are incredibly fast. As we’ve said, that’s a 10GB movie file in just 10 seconds or less.

Samsung T1 Portable SSD Crystal Disk Benchmark
Samsung T1 Portable SSD Crystal Disk Benchmark

Crystal DiskMark is our next benchmark which pretty much shows us what we’ve already seen with the drive averaging around 400MB/s. Note that we’ve ran these benchmarks consecutively which might have skewed the performance but by nothing significant and we can see the a clearer picture here of how fast the Samsung T1 is in handling smaller file sizes. Still, these drives will mostly see action for large transfers and that 400MB/s R/W performance is definitely something to be happy about.

It’s easy to go about this review saying how fast the Samsung T1 Portable SSD is but as demonstrated in the product launch, the Samsung T1 can take a pounding. Dropped from a height of 5ft over  and over and over again, our sample drive managed to keep on delivering its rated speeds.

We do not condone violence towards Solid-state Drives but the Samsung rep insisted.

Couple that durability with the data security features of the Samsung T1 allowing the users to safeguard their data prior to use and you have a data vault the size of a business card.

Samsung T1 Portable SSD Hands-on Review
Samsung T1 Portable SSD Hands-on Review

Ultimately, it all boils down to price and with the smallest capacity of 250GB announced to hit stores now at Php9999, it’s going to be a tough call for a lot of folks. The usage scenario here is simple though: people who want speed regardless of cost but want something in a more standard interface like USB3.0 for professional work will find the Samsung T1 Portable SSD a definitely good choice and if that doesn’t fit the size and durability advantage versus a standard portable HDD is simply hard not to like. Given the speed, it could easily run as a boot drive for native USB3.0 controllers e.g. Intel Z87, X99 and Z97 or other compatible devices and OS’.

While you could get away with bashing a Samsung 850 EVO with a SATA/USB3.0 adapter which should cost a little bit more than half of the PH SRP of the Samsung T1, its hard to beat the size advantage of the Samsung T1 making it one of the most flexible portable storage options out there.

The Samsung T1 Portable SSD is a deadly beauty: it’s compact size and elegant exterior hides a high-performance device aimed at delivering the fastest performance they can squeeze in its diminutive yet incredibly tough body. The Samsung T1 Portable SSD is a must-have for highly-mobile people who need their data with them anywhere, safe and fast.

Price / Where to Buy:

US – Approx.: $127.99 – Samsung T1 at Amazon

PHP – Approx.: Php9999 – 250GB, 500GB/1TB Price TBA

Samsung backs the T1 Portable SSD with a 3-year warranty which also covers write-endurance. We give the Samsung T1 Portable SSD our B2G Editor’s Choice Award!


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