Thermaltake Massive V20 & Massive 142 Cooling Pad Round-Up

Notebooks by themselves have always been reliant on their own cooling solutions to disperse heat away from vital components but the size constraints often limit to how much heat-dispersion can be done. This issue has plagued many users and have been the source of many ingenious ways of keeping our notebooks cool, albeit many still rely on the old “desk-fan-blowing-directly-on-laptop” technique. With the inception of laptop cooling pads, the issue has been addressed to an extent but every laptop is different.


Thermaltake has been on the forefront of cooling and chassis development for as long as I can remember and its no surprise they have an expansive port folio of other cooling solutions including cooling pads. For today’s review will take a look at the Thermaltake Massive V20 and Massive 142, both designed to push a lot of air with massive fans. Let’s see some specs:

Massive V20

P/N CL-N004-PL20BL-A
Compatibility For 10”~ 17”Notebook
Dimension 365 x 276 x 42 mm
Fan Dimension 200 x 200 x 20 mm
Weight 700g
Color Black
Material Mesh + Plastic
Rated Current 0.4A
Rated Voltage 5V
Fan Speed 600~800 R.P.M
Noise 31.7 dBA
Air Flow 70.38 CFM
Air Pressure 0.44 mm-H2O

Massive 142

P/N CL-N001-PL14BU-A
Compatibility For 10”~ 17”Notebook
Dimension 382 x 262 x 26 mm
Fan Dimension 140 x 140 x 15 mm x2
Weight 663g
Color Black
Material Mesh + Plastic
Rated Current 0.46 A
Rated Voltage 5V
Fan Speed 700~1200 R.P.M
Noise 22.1 dBA
Air Flow 58.97 CFM
Air Pressure 1.01 mm-H2O

Closer Look

Massive 142

The Massive 142 arrives in a wide cardboard box with only an extra USB cable as an accessory.

Opening up the packaging, the Massive 142 is protected by a clear plastic bag and padded with folded cardboard. Examining the cooler from this view, we can see it is a full black design with the large 140mm fans focused in the center. Underneath, the fnas are protected by another shell cover.

The Massive 142 can be elevated into two levels allowing for very flexible usage positions. The extended stands fold into each other and tuck-away underneath.

The cooler provides two USB slots but you can only use one as an extra port as it is only a passthrough for the fan power and not an actual hub. A fan speed wheel controls the velocity of the fans from 700RPM up to 1200RPM almost 59CFM of airflow an static pressure of 1mm/H2O.

To give the fan more aesthetic appeal, Thermaltake utilizes blue LED illuminated fans. Looks really good underneath a black laptop because the glow it gives.

The Massive 142 has stoppers to secure the laptop in place when propping the stand at its highest level.

Massive V20

Similar to the product above, the Massive V20 also comes in a wide box, secured with clear plastic but with no further accessories. Thermaltake has a uniform design to its packaging with large shot of the product and naming highlighted up front.

The Massive V20 has a very aggressive curvy styling with a very modern robotic look with the large 200mm fan sitting in the center. Underneath the pad we see a USB cable looped around cable holder to keep the cable organized. A giant fan-grill protects the fan from large foreign objects.

Unlike the Massive 142, the V20 uses rubber pads to secure the laptop placed on it. Since it does not elevate, this is understandable.

LED and fan control is placed on the upper left corner of the V20 which can drop the fan speed to 600RPM and bring it up to 800RPM.

The USB cable has a pass-through for your other USB devices but no other extra ports are available.

The Massive V20 can easily accomodate up to 14″ laptops.

The 200cm fan is also illuminated in blue and can be toggled by the switch shown above.

User Experience & Conclusion

massive_thermaltakeBoth the Massive V20 and Massive 142 have been great to use. With the Massive V20, we had a ton of airflow in one spot and the large 200cm fan on low speed guaranteed dead silence. The fan controller adds a degree of granular controller allowing for fine tuning of then fan speed for even quieter operation. The Massive 142 was the better experience of the providing more versatile usage scenario with its adjustable stands and its slimmer design made it blend well on our desk.

Both cooling pads boast excellent build quality and performance, with the fans pushing a decent amount of air straight through the notebook. Though we didn’t do any formal scientific testing, our 17″ gaming laptop enjoyed a 2-4*C drop in temps during games. Though it was larger, Thermaltake did a great job on the sturdiness providing a solid base that doesn’t feel very flimsy or weak.

We would like to point out a couple of things to improve on. First off, though Thermaltake uses very sturdy plastic the molding process could’ve been much better with some of the edges particularly on the V20 having very sucky edges. Considering it is the value option from the two, this might be a given but still, some more quality would’ve been appreciated.

All in all, the Massive V20 and Massive 142 both provide good cooling performance with the latter excelling also in features. While there are plenty out there of cheaper option that provide the same degree of performance or even much more expensive options that offer more features, the V20 and 142 strike a great balance with solid cooling, excellent build quality and features.

We give both the Thermaltake Massive V20 and Thermaltake Massive 142 cooling pads our B2G Value Award.


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