The 4 Best Movie-Themed Online Casino Games

If you love a good action movie, thriller, or rom-com, and if you enjoy playing the slots, why not combine the two and try your hand at a movie-themed online casino game? Licensing agreements with film producers allow game developers to bring their clientele engaging slots with relatable themes, authentic images, and actual video clips and music from fan favorites. If you want to immerse yourself in your favorite films and try your hand at a little luck at the same time, play one of these top four movie-themed online games:

Jurassic Park

With your favorite childhood dinosaur movie series making a comeback, it was a no brainer for online game developers to bring you a Jurassic Park-themed game. When you play the Jurassic Park Microgaming video slot, you can relive the excitement you felt as a kid when you watched those velociraptors sneak into the kitchen for the first time, or the anticipation when the cup of water began to tremble in the Jeep’s cupholder. The graphics quality of the game is so advanced and the effects so on-point that you may even find yourself jumping as randomly triggered T-rex alerts throw 35 extra wilds your way, or as five velociraptors results in a hefty payout.


If you left dinosaurs in the sandbox when you were six-years-old so that you could cuddle with your teddy, well then, this game is not for you. However, if you ditched your childish ways for raunchy humor and inappropriate innuendos, sign on to Ted, a game chock-full of bonus features that reflect the same adult themes as the Hollywood comedy. For much of the game, Ted dozes off while you do the hard work, but every once in a while, he’ll stir to wreak havoc on your progress—but in a good way. If he rouses, expect him to initiate one of six transformers, including a bonus boost, free spins feature, or, if you’re really lucky, a big cash bonus. Just as when watching the movie, there is never a boring moment when playing Ted.


Ace Ventura

If you’re into comedy but if Ted is a little over the top for you, don your detective cap (or, you know, your white tank/Hawaiian button up combo) and head on down to Miami—figuratively speaking, of course. The Ace Ventura Pet Detective slot game is just as entertaining as the movie itself. The interface is user friendly and features three large rows, each of which is filled with Jim Carrey symbols and other iconic images from the movie. The game also boasts three randomly triggered bonus features, including the Free Spin (a fan favorite!), Wild Stacks, and Wild. If you’re lucky enough to get an Animal Modifier, you can boost your odds of winning 1000 different ways.

Man of Steel

While Superman has always been an icon, it wasn’t until DC released Man of Steel in 2013 that Playtech finally introduced this smash hit to its DC online gaming series. Fight for Earth and power via this colorful, detailed, and attention-grabbing interface all while listening to intense battle music. Along your journey, you will encounter favorite characters, including Martha and Jonathan Kent, Perry White, and, of course, Henry Cavill’s Superman. The game features 25 pay lines, which expands to 50 during games that are Krypton-free, and locked wilds. At any moment, you may have the good fortune of activating the jackpot feature, where you are promised to win one of four secretive prizes.

Whether you’re a fan of dinosaurs, teddy bears, detectives, or superheroes, you will find something to both entertain you and appease your gaming urge in the online casino world. Try your hand at a bit of luck and appease the film aficionado in you at the same time – start playing today!

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