Review – Bezel 25 Inches 25GX2710X Ultrawide Monitor

An ultrawide IPS monitor that can go up to 76Hz?!

Ultrawide monitors have been around since its first introduction back in 2012 when LG introduced the world’s first ultrawide monitor, the LG EA93. These kinds of monitors take advantage of the 21:9 display aspect ratio which gave it an ideal aspect for productive usage over gaming. With this in mind, we are going to take a closer look at the BEZEL 25GX2710X Ultrawide monitor, the brand’s first ultrawide monitor in the 25-inch category.

Bezel 25GX2710X Ultrawide Monitor

The BEZEL 25GX2710X is a 25-inch ultrawide monitor equipped with an IPS display panel. It also features a 60Hz refresh rate, 5ms response time, and a native resolution of 2560 by 1080 in a 16:9 aspect ratio.


  • Model name: BEZEL 25GX2710X
  • Display type: Ultrawide
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Native resolution: 2560 by 1080p
  • Response time: 5ms
  • VESA: 100mm by 100mm
  • Metallic casing
  • Interface: DisplayPort, HDMI, USB, and 3.5mm
  • Display panel: 25-inch IPS Panel

Where to Buy:

Check Pricing on Shopee
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Unboxing – BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura (2)


The BEZEL 25X2710X ultrawide monitor comes in an unusual carton packaging box. There’s nothing much else to highlight other than the brand’s logo. This is probably the brand’s way to cut off the cost of the monitor and focus on the monitor’s performance. Although, I prefer this kind of packaging over some glossy OEM packaging ones.

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura (3)

Looking at the side, we have the specification label. It’s odd to find that the label states “Gaming Monitor.” Then again, this is not a gaming monitor and we will discuss more of that in the latter part of this article.

Opening the packaging and taking the monitor out reveals that the monitor doesn’t really have any molded into shape cushioning. What we have inside the packaging is a ton of foam cushioning to help protect the monitor from travel damage. Again, this might be the brand’s way of cost-cutting to get the monitor at competitive pricing.

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura (5)

Now out of the box, the monitor comes with a center stand with adjustable height, an all-in-one power brick adapter, two DisplayPort cables, and 1 HDMI cable. If you’re not aware of the BEZEL monitor brand, one of their trademark is to include two DisplayPort cables where one came from UGREEN and the other came from the OEM. A freebie that’s already worth PHP500 overall. Nice.

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Now taking the monitor out of its protective plastic and cushioning, it reveals that the monitor came with a metallic casing which makes it sturdy and durable. A glance also reveals that support for VESA wall mount of 100mm by 100mm and an I/O consist of 1 single DisplayPort, single HDMI port, a USB port, a 3.5mm audio jack, and the power port. The control buttons are located at the left side back panel of the monitor and are consist of 5 physical buttons mainly for power, navigation, and a built-in menu.

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura (8)

Other than that, there’s nothing much else to see.

Closer Look – BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best

Assembling the monitor is pretty straightforward. Attaching the neck to the base stand is easy and doesn’t require any screws. Attaching the neck to the monitor, however, requires you to remove the already bolted screws and use the same screws to tightly attach the stand. Once done, it’s ready to go.

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura (1)

There’s really nothing much else to highlight on this monitor other than its ultrawide goodness. Also, out of the box, the color reproduction and accuracy is superb. Which is expected from an IPS panel. It’s pretty nifty to look at and the design is so sleek to have as one of your monitors.

Performance – BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor

In this section, we simply rate the monitor’s performance out of the box. Unfortunately, yours truly doesn’t have any color measuring tool such as Datacolor SpyderX PRO Colorimeter to accurately measure the color accuracy reproduction in terms of sRGB and AdobeRGB color space.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Test

Out of the box, we tested the monitor for pixel issues such as stuck or dead pixels. We’ve done the test by simply using single primary color including black, white, and gray to fully test each pixel for any possible issues. Fortunately, the monitor did not have any dead pixels or stuck pixels issue.


In more common types of the display panels such as VA and TN, gradient scaling on every level tends to show banding in certain cases. With IPS, grayscale banding is usually eliminated and IPS more commonly suffers from color banding.

bezel-25x2710x-ultrawide-monitor-review (3)

Fortunately, clouding or color banding is not an issue with the BEZEL 25X2710X ultrawide monitor. There are minor banding issues on the darker color and deeper black levels but that’s an issue addressable but calibrating the monitor. So far, the monitor is performing outstandingly.


When it comes to Gamma, the monitor is pretty much left out. You won’t get any build-in display gamma correction option with this monitor. Furthermore, when it comes to picture quality, you’re left only with 4 variable options in the form of brightness, contrast, HDR, and DCR. Considering this fact, it appears that the BEZEL 25X2710X is more of a basic IPS ultrawide monitor. It does, however, comes with an sRGB rating of more or equal to 95%.

The sharpness, on the other hand, is impeccable. Text edges are smooth and it doesn’t look thick like bold text.  In some monitors, the text appears to be thick which is not actually the case. The text character appears thicker than usual because of the shadow being produced, which indicates issues with monitor sharpness.

Last but not least, the monitor brightness. The monitor has a peak brightness rating of 350 cd/m2. Converting this to lux, it can achieve 350 peak lux. Using a small tool that measures lux, the monitor achieved a peak of 359 lux at brightness set to max which is amazing out of the box. Brightness plays a vital role in color reproduction so it’s nice to see that the monitor can deliver its specification.

Viewing Angle

The viewing angle of the BEZEL 25X2710X is superb. There is no noticeable color degradation when viewed at an angle from left to right. However, there are minimal contrast and saturation change when viewed from top to bottom. However, this is an extreme test case and is something that consumers will not do daily.

Refresh Rate

Out of the box, the monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz.


Without much tinkering, we simply bump the refresh rate by 5 increments. Surprisingly, our most stable out of the box refresh rate overclock is 76Hz. That’s roughly a 26.7% increase in refresh rate.


It’s also stable enough to not cause any stuttering or frame skipping. Not bad BEZEL, not bad at all. Our result also indicates that there’s still a few more overclocking headroom for this monitor.

Built-in Option Menu

Last but not least is the built-in menu. The BEZEL 25X2710X offers a couple more options through its built-in menu. You can set the brightness, contrast, enable HDR, enable ECO mode, change aspect ratio, adjust color temp, and all the basic configurations that you can do with the monitor. However, we find it very odd that the menu allows you to disable or enable settings that are not supported by the monitor according to its specification such as LED effects and FreeSync. We believe that this is also an OEM built-in software. Another possible way to cut the overall cost of the monitor.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to check on. Although, seeing through the monitor menu, leaves a bitter taste for us. Yes, the monitor performs really well but sometimes, small things like this leave an impression on the consumers if a product is either admirable or a letdown.

Our Final Thoughts…

BEZEL 25X2710X Ultrawide Monitor gaming cheap best mura lazada shopee back2gaming

The BEZEL 25X2710X ultrawide monitor is a kind of monitor that most gamers would love to have but is ideally used for productivity purposes. Its 16:9 ratio with a native resolution of 2560 by 1080p gives the monitor a sweet spot for having this setup on a 25-inch display. The color accuracy, contrast level, brightness, and sturdy metallic casing gives the monitor an overall premium feeling, aesthetics, as well as performance. However, it’s far from perfect. It still has its fair share of flaws that are hard to ignore. Most especially for those fastidious individuals.

The use of a plain carton box is definitely a plus for me. This way, it’s easy to dispose of the box instead of keeping it. However, the way it is packed inside the box will give anyone who purchases this monitor a great concern. Another worth mentioning is its odd use of OEM software for the built-in menu. Within the menu, you will find a configurable option that is not supported by the monitor such as AMD FreeSync and LED effect.

Next is our personal experience. After using the monitor for 2 weeks, we are greatly satisfied with its performance. The color accuracy is amazing so far considering its price but is not comparable to higher-end models. The BEZEL 25X2710X is positioned on the market where you get more value for your money. As long you don’t compare something to it that would easily cost anyone twice the price.

When it comes to gaming, we don’t recommend this monitor. Don’t get the wrong idea here. We don’t hate the monitor for gaming but if you’re someone whose been playing on a monitor that has a refresh rate above 60Hz, then using this monitor for gaming will only give you an undesirable experience. On the bright side, the monitor has a considerable overclocking headroom. As mentioned above, we easily achieved an overclock refresh rate of 76Hz without any stutter or frame skipping issue. Further tinkering with the custom resolution utility tool, we achieved a maximum stable overclock of 84Hz. That’s one heck of an overclocking monitor. You can get more juice from this monitor as long as you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, a simple miscalculated setting can permanently damage the monitor.

All in all, the BEZEL 25-inch 25GX2710X ultrawide monitor is a kind of monitor that’s designed for improving productivity levels. We highly recommend considering this monitor for work and schooling at home. However, its current default setting is not ideal for gaming. You may need to squeeze some more performance to make gaming on this monitor less undesirable. Otherwise, if you’re only looking for a good IPS monitor for gaming, then there are other better options out there.

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Where to Buy:

Check Pricing on Shopee
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Check Pricing on Lazada

BEZEL 25GX2710X Ultrawide Monitor

Quality - 8
Features - 7
Functionality - 7
Performance - 8
Value - 7.5


An overclocking and value oriented ultrawide monitor

The BEZEL 25GX2710X is of the best value-oriented ultrawide monitor on the market. It has a good amount of overclocking headroom and its accuracy, as well as its performance, is superb for its price. However, it's not ideal for gaming.

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