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Review – Bezel 27HX280 4K Gaming Monitor


Ultra High Definition or 4K is slowly changing the standard of display resolution in the PC industry. With this in mind, the BEZEL 27HX280 4K UHD Gaming Monitor is the brand’s top-of-the-line model and offering in this category. It features a native resolution display of 4K with interchangeable resolution via the built-in hardware inside the monitor for both 2k running at 120Hz and FHD or 1080p at 144Hz.

Before we dive deeper into the monitor’s performance and specs, let’s first have a closer look at its aesthetics and design. The BEZEL HX series is the brand’s line-up for a high refresh rate monitor using an IPS panel for excellent color accuracy reproduction and an immersive gaming experience.

BEZEL 27HX280 4K UHD Gaming Monitor

The BEZEL 27HX280 4K UHD Gaming Monitor features a native resolution of 4K UHD running at 60Hz and is interchangeable with 1440p at 120Hz and 1080p at 144Hz. It has a 27-inch display panel that uses IPS technology with multiple pre-installed gaming preset profiles. Furthermore, one of its main features that you won’t usually find from others is its multiple I/O that includes 1 HDMI 1.4, 1DisplayPort 1.2, a USB Type-C, Optical audio port, 2 USB port, 1 3.5mm audio port, and a power port.


  • Model name: BEZEL 27HX280
  • Display Type: Wide IPS UHD
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Native resolution: 3840 x 2160p
  • Response time: <5ms
  • VESA: 100mm by 100mm
  • Interface: HSMI 1.4, DP1.2, USB, Audio 3.5mm, and power port
  • Display panel: 27-inch IPS panel
  • Supports HDR, Dynamic Luminescence, FreeSync

Where to Buy:

Check Pricing on Shopee

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor

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Unboxing – BEZEL 27HX280 4K UHD Gaming Monitor


The packaging box of the BEZEL 27HX280 is fairly generic. There isn’t much to see and highlight. We also assume that some of the specs and features highlighted on the lower left of the box are not the actual features and specifications of the monitor. On its online produce page on LAZADA and Shopee, the monitor does not feature a 1ms response time.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to see.

Taking the content out of the packaging reveals a full cushioned monitor with white styrofoam protecting it. Taking the cover out also reveals that the monitor is placed inside a plastic as an added protection.

If you look closely, there aren’t many accessories included in the box and you might be wondering why. Well, it appears that BEZEL decided to have the monitor stand separated from the box. So if you purchase this monitor, you’ll get an extra small box that contains its stand.


Other than that, the packaging includes 1 free HDMI cable from UGREEN, 1 free DisplayPort cable that appears to be OEM, a couple of screws to attach the neck stand behind the monitor, and a power brick.

Assembling the monitor was fairly easy and once assembled, this is how the monitor looks. At the front, it boasts a zero-bezel bracket design with the brand’s logo at the bottom center and control buttons on the right bottom side. On the back, you’ll find a streamline of RGB in a circular form that appears to be a generic and unaddressable RGB.


Once powered on, the RGB LED at the back also powers on automatically, Unfortunately, you can’t control its functions.

And lastly, underneath the RGB LED portion is the I/O of the monitor.


If you take a closer look, you will find that the monitor features 3 display inputs including a USB Type-C. It also features an optical audio port, 2 USB ports, a 3.5 mm audio, and a power port.

NOTE: We tested the Type-C connection and we couldn’t get it to work. Using a certified USB Type-C to HDMI cable, we connected both our Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultra and Huawei P30 that supports and features desktop mode once connected to an external display. Unfortunately, both devices kept getting an error that docking mode is not working and is advising us to check the cable. So this is something to consider.

Other than that, let’s get into testing and performance.

Performance – BEZEL 27HX280

In this section, we simply rate the monitor’s performance out of the box. Unfortunately, yours truly doesn’t have any color measuring tool such as Datacolor SpyderX PRO Colorimeter to accurately measure the color accuracy reproduction in terms of sRGB and AdobeRGB color space.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Test

Out of the box, we tested the monitor for pixel issues such as stuck or dead pixels. By performing a single color scale test of the primary color, we easily find out if there are any pixel issues. When looking for dead pixels, it’s best practice to simply make the monitor display a single color from the basic red, green, and blue colors. By doing so, we can find dead pixels quickly as well as determine any form of latency issues or stuck pixel issues. In this test, the BEZEL 27HX280 performed outstandingly well. There were no pixel issues of some sort.


unboxing-bezel-27hx280-4k-uhd-gaming-monitor-review-lazada-shopee-back2gaming-performance (10)

Next on our test is a gradient test where we make the display show 255 steps of different color shade transmigrating from black to white. In this test, the BEZEL 27HX280 performs outstandingly as well. The IPS panel enabled this monitor to perform well without any clouding or color banding issues.


For the brightness test, we simply used a simple tool the measures the brightness luminance of the monitor if the brightness settings are set to maximum. According to its specification, the BEZEL 27HX280 can peak as high as 350 cd/m2 of brightness.

On our test, we got a total peak measurement of 355 nits which is slightly above the rating of 350 nits. This is actually a good sign in terms of performance but it’s still far from having decent and enjoyable HDR content.

For the sharpness test, the monitor performed well without causing any sort of background shadow for each text. This is probably thanks to its native support of 4K that enables the monitor to procure sharper images. Our test is done by changing the text display from small to large font and from white to black to black to white scheme.

For our Gamma test, the monitor has a built-in gamma adjustment which is nice to have. Out of the box, depending on your purpose, you need to make adjustments to achieve optimal performance. By default, the monitor’s built-in gamma setting is set to disable. As a rule of thumb, low gamma is ideal and is more appropriate for bright rooms and non-movie content. On the other hand, higher gamma is typically better for movies and darker rooms.

Viewing Angle

IPS panels support a lossless viewing angle of up to 178 degrees without any form of discoloration or saturation. For the BEZEL 27HX280, there were no issues when viewing from side to side, eagle’s eye view, and worm’s eye view. However, there were some minor contrast issues when viewed from top to bottom but it should be negligible or unnoticeable.

Refresh Rate/Input Lag

The BEZEL 27HX280 is set to 4K/60Hz out of the box. It also supports 2k at 120Hz and FHD at 144Hz. To change into either of these settings, all you have to do is long-press the down button found underneath the display.

The response time also corresponds to each mode whereas the slowest is <5ms at 4K.

Input lag test also reveals that at 1440p mode, the input lag is at <3ms.


The BEZEL 27HX280, out of the box, is not an overclocking monitor. To be honest, we did not bother creating overclocked profiles for the monitor since changing on either pre-set resolution and refresh rate modes such as 1440p and 1080p, there was noticeable frame skipping.

If you check the image above, we set the mode to 1440p at 120Hz and you can easily see that the monitor skips 1 frame every refresh. What this means is that the monitor is being fed with 120 frames per second however, the refresh rate of the panel couldn’t refresh its display at 120Hz to match the number of frames per second. Therefore, the experience is horrible and it’s not worth having or setting into for video gaming.

With that in mind, it is safe to assume that the monitor cannot handle a 1 increment in its refresh rate if the lower resolution modes running through a DisplayPort cable causes frame skipping.

Built-in Options Menu

The BEZEL 27HX280 gaming monitor comes with a built-in configurable menu functionality. The menu offers pretty much the basic stuff where you can configure the monitor via hardware. It includes a number of settings such as brightness, color adjustment, HDR mode, Gamma settings, MPRT, volume, FreeSync, Overdrive, Blue light, aspect, Dynamic Brightness, and more.

To be able to navigate through the options, you need to use the buttons located underneath the monitor. Each button also has its own function other than navigation. There’s a button to enable built-in crosshair, change resolution, change input source, toggle the menu settings, and the power switch.

Other than that, there’s nothing much else to check on. Configuring the monitor to achieve optimal performance and best picture quality will usually go down to personal preference.

Our Final Thoughts…


The BEZEL 27HX280 is a gaming monitor marketed towards gamers who prefer or have a beefy system to play immersively on detail and on the big screen. It’s a kind of monitor that’s a product of desire and innovation to fuse and line up on the market for its convenience and exclusive features. Using the monitor for almost a month, we can say that it fulfills our need for larger resolution and detail. It’s a great monitor for visual works such as photoshop, video editing, graphic artist, and similar works in the fields. It’s also a great monitor for those that desire to play titles at ultra-high-definition.

The BEZEL 27HX280 offers a wide variety of features and support that you will not usually find on most monitors on the market. We love how it has a wide range of different ports on its I/O. The inclusion of a built-in Type-C USB port endeavors the future adaption of such technology. This allows you to connect supported mobile devices to work on things using the monitor as a desktop display or external monitor. The color accuracy and reproduction are by far excellent as well, thanks to the use of the IPS panel. The contrast, gradient, and brightness are within the specs so we have no complaints. Its overall build quality and performance are exceeded our expectations especially given how cheap this monitor is. We also appreciate how you can easily change the refresh rate and screen resolution at a touch of a button. Talk about convenience.

Unfortunately, not everything went well. Despite the number of favorable aspects, the monitor is far from perfect. For one, the inclusion of the RGB LED effect behind the monitor is quite mediocre. You can’t control the effect and it’s just there as it is. There are also a couple of minor issues with its picture quality such as uniformity in which we find minor banding through grayscale. Lastly, the most deal-breaking issue with this monitor is its stability to overclock. As per specs, the monitor can switch from 4K/60 to 1440p/120 or 1080p/144 with a press of a button. Unfortunately, the experience is not desirable once you change the default mode. At 1440p/120Hz and 1080p/144Hz, the monitor is exhibiting a frame skipping issue and this is not okay for gaming. We tried to tinker a bit with its settings and see if we can find a stable setting for both modes but unfortunately, the monitor is simply not overclocking friendly. With a simple increment increase by 1 Hz on its default native refresh rate of 60Hz, the monitor already suffers from frame skipping. So this is something that anyone must consider if you’re planning to purchase this monitor. Other than that, all things are well.

All in all, the BEZEL 27HX280 is a great monitor for those that desire to grab 4K at an affordable price. It also offers excellent color accuracy and decent build quality. However, its frame skipping issue using the other modes is something to consider.

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Where to Buy:

Check Pricing on Shopee

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor

Check Pricing on Lazada

BEZEL 27HX280 4K Gaming Monitor

Quality - 8
Features - 8.5
Functionality - 8.5
Performance - 7.5
Value - 8


Might be the cheapest 4K/60Hz on the market

All in all, the BEZEL 27HX280 is a great monitor for those that desire to grab 4K at an affordable price. It also offers excellent color accuracy and decent build quality. However, its frame skipping issue using the other modes is something to consider.

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