Review – BEZEL HX270 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor

If you’re in the market for the best gaming monitor deals, then you might want to hold your horses. Before deciding to purchase that monitor you are eyeing on, we recommend checking out this BEZEL HX270 165Hz Gaming Monitor.

If you haven’t heard about the brand BEZEL yet, they are a local Philippine brand that offers a line of affordable monitors on the market. The one we are going to take a closer look at here is the BEZEL HX270 165Hz Gaming Monitor. It’s a 27 inches IPS monitor with a rated 3ms response time and comes with two HDMI ports, one Displayport, and one USB port.

Before we go further into details, let’s first look at the marketed specification.

BEZEL HX270 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor

bezel hx270 165hz 2k 1440p 27 inches gaming monitor


  • 27 Inches
  • IPS Panel
  • 3ms Response Time
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 2560x1440p Native Resolution
  • FreeSync Support
  • G-Sync Compatible
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio Support
  • 16:9 Ratio
  • HDMI, USB, and DP Port
  • RGB Backlight LED
  • Bottom V RGB LED
  • Supports HDR
  • OD Support

Where is it available?

Unboxing – BEZEL HX270 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor

The BEZEL HX270 comes in a black-purple packaging box that highlights the monitor’s actual design, size, resolution, response time, and refresh rate. Looking at the other sides of the box there’s nothing much else to highlight.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-1

The monitor comes with another box that contains the base stand of the monitor. Actually, we will get onto that later on.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-13

So out of the box, the monitor is held in place by two separate foams. The foams also act as a cushioning that prevents any shock damage to the monitor during travels or shipping. The monitor itself is also covered by a transparent plastic that also acts as a protection from scratches.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-13

Taking all the contents out of the box, the BEZEL HX270 gaming monitor comes with a significant number of accessories that you will get for free. It comes with two DP cables from different brands including one from UGREEN, four screws for attaching the base stand, a power adaptor brick, and a power cable.

Oddly enough, this is the first time we have seen a monitor that comes with two different stands.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-4

As you might have seen earlier, the package includes a second box that contains the base stand used with the monitor on its product page. However, there is a stand included within the box of the monitor which is a three-legged center stand. The second base stand is a single base center stand that offers more options than the included stand of the monitor including height adjustment, angle adjustment, tilting adjustment, and a red accent.

The main difference between these two included monitor stand is that the three-legged stand can be attached to the monitor without any screws. The second stand, however, is taller, more rigid, more flexible, and sturdier.

Closer Look – BEZEL HX270 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-7

A closer look at the HX270 gave us a good impression of how gamer~ish it is. At the back, you will find a design that somehow tries to seduce gamers with its aesthetics. You will also find a stand attachment that caters both included stand which also supports VESA 100 by 100 mounting.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-10

A quick-mounting measurement reveals that the screws are 100mm by 100mm apart. Just in case you are wondering about those square holes, those are the holes for hooking the V-Center stand that doesn’t require any screws.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-7

The built-in menu navigation control is positioned at the left-most part of the monitor. In which, the top most button functions as a physical switch that lets you toggle the RGB light ON and OFF.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-7

At the back, you will also find an additional feat that comes with the monitor. It’s an RGB LED that is configurable and provides additional aesthetics for the monitor.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-10

Looking at the I/O ports, you will find that it comes with a power port, 3.5mm audio port, two HDMI ports, a USB port, and a DisplayPort. We will get more into this later on.

The last thing worth highlighting at the back section of the monitor is the V-shaped LED flasher. This LED illuminates a V shape light that also adds up to the monitors’ overall gamer-ish aesthetics.

Performance – BEZEL HX270 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor

Testing the overall performance of the Hx270 is pretty straightforward. Our test consists of out of the box dead pixel check, a one-week usage dead pixel check, contrast, brightness, color accuracy, sharpness, response time, refresh rate, bleeding, banding, clouding, and overclocking test. Most of our data results listed below are taken after we used the monitor for a week. By doing so, this will give us a more consistent data that everyone should expect and experience upon using this monitor.

NOTE: Before anything else, please be informed that images you will see below will vary when viewed from different monitor to monitor. Furthermore, the accuracy of our data does not represent the images we used below. For example, the color intensity and vividness of the color red will vary from different monitors including smartphones.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Check

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Out of the box, there were no issues with its pixels. There’s no dead, stuck, or hot pixels. Which is great and it’s something that should be a standard. After using it for a week, the monitor yields the same results. There were no issues with its pixels.


The gradient performance of the monitor including all different colors is excellent. There were no noticeable clouding or banding. However, since this is an IPS panel, you can expect minimal clouding paired with IPS bleeding when displaying pure black images.

To emphasize, you will find the image above exhibiting IPS glow bleeding. This is to be expected with every IPS panel. To note, IPS bleeding or glow is different from backlight light leakage and is a natural effect of an IPS panel’s liquid crystal (LC) structure and makes the colors at the corner of screen distort when viewing dark images.


Bezel HX270 Gaming Monitor (12)

In this test, we used an image to tests the monitors’ capability to display color accuracy, image stability, the gradient of RGB, and sharpness. There were no issues found. Sharpness is excellent with amazing accuracy for red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. There was no breakage of the image which is excellent.

Viewing Angle

IPS monitors have a rating of up to 178 degrees viewing angle without any image quality loss.

Testing the monitors viewing angle from side to side yielded excellent results. There was no color saturation, image quality degradation, and contrast shifting when viewing up to 170 degrees but there is a loss in luminosity.

Unfortunately, viewing from the top above 150 degrees appears to have color degradation. It’s quite minimal but is noticeable. This could also be a luminosity loss due to the position of the backlight LED inside the monitor. However, this issue can be ignored since no one would use this monitor viewing at 150 degrees below eye level.

Refresh Rate

Out of the box, the HX270 supports up to 165Hz refresh rate. Unfortunately, this is only for the DisplayPort. So it’s important to note that the HDMI ports can only support up to 144Hz refresh rate for this monitor.


  • Displayport – 165Hz
  • HDMI Port – 144Hz


Unfortunately, the Bezel HX270 is not an overclocking friendly monitor. We were able to achieve up to 170Hz refresh rate stable by creating a new extension block DisplayID using Custom Resolution Utility software. Despite patching the drivers using pixel patchers to remove clock limitation for the DisplayPort, we were not able to achieve anything more than 170Hz. Anything above 170Hz induces frame skipping.

For the fun of it, we tried as high as 200Hz and we were successful. Unfortunately, it’s not stable.

For those that don’t know how to overclock the refresh rate of a monitor, you can learn the basics by reading out Monitor Overclocking Guide.

Built-in Options Menu

The HX270 comes with hefty built-in features. Users will be able to adjust the black level, contrast, brightness, and sharpness as well as adjust the color intensity for each red, green, and blue.

Other than that, the monitor features eco mode, freesync, overdrive, blue light adjustment, HDR mode, gamma adjustment, as well as the option to configure the LED light found at the back of the monitor.

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-28

The monitor also appears to be G-Sync compatible which is great for NVIDIA card owners.

gsync compatible bezel hx 270

Final Thoughts…

Bezel 27 inches 27HX270 165HZ 2K Resolution Gaming Monitor-24

When it comes to entry-level and affordable computer monitors, BEZEL is definitely taking the market by a storm. Despite the fierce competition from various brands on this stage, BEZEL doesn’t seem to be fazed about it. They are surely a brand taking their time to offer the best possible on the market.

With the introduction of BEZEL HX270, this monitor is by far the first IPS monitor of the brand. According to them, the HX270 is equipped with an LG manufactured panel. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for us to confirm this even if we disassemble the unit we have here. Regardless, the HX270 is the brand’s big step to bring the entry-level standard to newer heights.

With its excellent color reproduction, gamer~ish look, the inclusion of RGB lighting, and of course, a native 165Hz refresh rate with 3ms response time, the HX270 is a monitor to look out for. However, it’s far from perfect. Its marketed price of ₱15,999 can be a little stiff for most especially those who have a budget to consider. But, if you weight the number of features that you will get from its selling price, the HX270 might be in a league of its own and there’s a good chance that you will be getting more than what you paid for. Since at that price point, you won’t easily find a PC monitor that offers a 165Hz refresh rate at 1440P or 2k resolution.

The only downside we find on this monitor is the limitation of the HDMI ports. The HDMI ports capped at a 144Hz refresh rate, meaning the monitor utilizes HDMI 2.0 which has a limitation of 144Hz for 1440p resolution. For the HDMI to allow 165Hz at 1440p, the monitor must be equipped with HDMI 2.1 technology.

Overall, the BEZEL HX270 is an excellent monitor to consider if you are someone who desires value for your money. Additionally, it’s a great monitor to consider as long as you are someone who is not nitpicky and is willing to try non-mainstream brands. Considering all of its features, performance, value, functionality, and build quality, the BEZEL HX270 garnered itself a Back2Gaming Recommended Award. This also includes all the value you will get for free such as Ugreen displayport cable and the extra center stand base.

Where is it available?

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