NVidia’s GTX 600 Series has been keeping on my toes. I could not hide my excitement with the way these cards are giving me surprising data as well as hours of fun doing these game and bench reviews. And I’m still awed and amazed by the performance they’ve been churning out. With the reviews on the so called Mighty Midgets and the Mid-level Performer already out. It’s time we up the ante and present to you the King of the Mid-Level Category the NVidia GTX660Ti.

The Inno3D GTX660ti is a probably powerful mid-entry level gaming card able to handle most of the demanding titles on the market today and more. I couldn’t get the GTX 670 as midlevel since its performance is almost similar to the GTX 680 based on previous reviews.

Will the GTX660Ti impress us, let’s find out…

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