Burn the Rope (and some insects!) Review

burn-the-rope-bannerWhile most say that Burn the Rope is just a mimic of Cut the Rope, it’s really an entirely different game. It’s fun, addictive and most of all, it’s FREE. Since it’s a casual game, the gameplay is really simple – burn as much rope as possible to progress to the next level. You can do this by moving the phone around but you must remember to keep the flame burning up or else the fire will burn down and you’ll lose.


Each level presents you with a shape made of rope which can be simple or complex. You complete a level by burning the rope which fills the progress bar above the game screen. The bar has three finishing level points – bronze, silver and gold. When you reach any of these points, you’re qualified to proceed to the next stage.


To offer diversity, the ropes aren’t just one color. Sometimes the shapes contain different colored ropes. To burn these, you have to burn the same color of insect as the rope. You will also come across bugs that explode. After a certain number of levels, you’ll be rewarded with a bonus stage, where you get to burn as many ants as you can before the time runs out.



The game is simple, contains many levels and requires some thinking strategy in order to burn the rope efficiently. It’s good for passing time while waiting for a friend, when you can’t sleep or while waiting for the movie to start.


Download the game from the Android Market using the links below:

Burn the Rope

Burn the Rope+

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