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5 Xbox One Games to Buy at AtrexCard

Here’s a selection of the top 5 Xbox One games you can buy at AtrexCard today.

AtrexCard offers a huge variety of the most popular games and gift cards for sites like Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox, and Google Play. Thousands of people visit the website daily, looking for their favorite games and special offers.

The company is fully dedicated to delivering the best gift and game cards available. With that in mind, if Xbox One games are your thing, here’s a selection of the top 5 Xbox One games you can buy at AtrexCard today.

1. Anthem

If you just love your action mixed with an adventure that includes saving the world and all of humankind, Anthem is the right game for you. It’s a cooperative combination of action and RPG. Anthem comes from EA and BioWare.

You’re the only one who stands in the way of the Dominion and their desire to destroy the planet and everything in it. Customize your playstyle, explore an ever-changing map, overcome your enemies, discover new features, get rewards for good teamwork, and more.

Anthem takes you on a journey of self-discovery where everything you know will be put to the test. Available at AtrexCard, starting from €50.00.

2. Rage 2

Rage 2 is an exceptional Xbox One game that brings two essential powerhouses under one banner – ID Software, developers of the first-person shooter, and Avalanche Studios, that introduced the concept of open-world insanity gameplay mode.

Your mission is very simple. You’re free to roam the wilderness and shoot or blow up anything and everything that moves. Make things explode, shoot your way through the map, and plunge the world into chaos by organizing your very own carnival of carnage.

The funeral of the world is about to begin, and you’re the mortician. Get the game and let the devastation begin – hail to the future and the disaster it holds. The game is available at AtrexCard now.

3. Steep

Sports are always in, and sports games promise a lot of fun for both you and your friends. Steep is the best example of how immersive a game can be. It takes you on a journey across the world.

Alaska, America, the Alps, you name it, the game has it. Yours is to strap in, gear up, and drop in. Discover new regions, unlock new challenges, conquer obstacles, and work on your fitness. You’re the master of the mountains, and the snow is your domain.

Steep will provide some unforgettable moments that you can share with those close to you, but it will also push your skills to the limit. You can share your insane stunts via social media, and include your friends in the most spectacular and unique challenges.

4. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Are you looking for a game that will put your mind, skill, knowledge, and abilities to the test? If yes, we have just the thing. Experience responsive FPS combat, fight powerful and merciless enemies, dive deep into the free-to-play universe of Destiny 2, and unleash your elemental abilities.

Your mission is to orbit the solar system, discover mysteries along the way, conquer any obstacles or challenges, defeat anyone who stands in your way, and become the Guardian of the known universe. The gameplay will keep you at the edge of your seat all the time. Customize your playstyle, build your armor, and collect deadly weapons as you advance.

5. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Now, here’s an endless stream of fun and entertainment that you can tune in anytime, alone, or with your friends. The Trilogy brings you all the original three games together.

Explore the magical worlds of Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2 Ripto’s Rage!, and Spyro Year of the Dragon, reignite the fire and enjoy the remastered version of one of the most entertaining games in the world of gaming.

You’re the original roast master. Yours is to wreak havoc anywhere you go. Show your smoldering attitude, perform sick burns, and explore 100+ levels. Enjoy the most stunning HD and advanced gameplay controls, as well as incredible graphical updates.


These five Xbox One games are just the tip of the iceberg. AtrexCard has countless games for your endless delight. Visit the website, create an account, and let the good times roll. Find a great gift for a friend on short notice, or treat yourself.

Get your favorite games, enjoy many rewards, and use these game- and gift cards, for any occasion. Whether you prefer Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, the site has all the games you’ll ever need.


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