GIGABYTE U2442V Extreme Ultrabook

This year is a hot year for tech and one of the more familiar buzzwords you’ve probably heard is ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are Intel’s initiative to standardize a form-factor for notebooks that are not only highly compact, but also feature highly responsive interaction with the user. Around mid-year, Intel announced locally the availability of their Ivy Bridge platform and alongside it introduced their ultrabook form factor to the local market. Fast forward a couple of months and GIGABYTE has invited us to the unveiling of their newest notebook products: the U2442V Ultrabook and P2542G Gaming Notebook. For this review, we’ll be checking out the U2442V Ultrabook to see if it offers what Intel hopes would revolutionize the mobile computing space as well as GIGABYTE’s promise of a fully-featured Ultrabook that doesn’t sacrifice connectivity. Let’s make this showy!

GIGABYTE has been very active in working with us down here at Back2Gaming in covering and reviewing their motherboard products so we were quite intrigued to find out what’s happening over at GIGABYTE’s other product division. We were lucky enough to get some time with the GIGABYTE U2442V Ultrabook and see what the company is bringing in other sides of the market.

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