KINGMAX PRO Extreme Class 10 SDHC/SDXC Memory Card

There is no stopping the growth of data consumption in today’s modern world and with each day bringing with it more and more advanced technologies that require equal amounts of storage. With modern devices having the capabilities to capture images and videos at high resolutions and users demanding to store these along with music and other data, it has become standard for a lot of portables to have expansion slots to accommodate memory cards and for cameras it is a must. Today we’ll be checking out the KINGMAX SDHC/SDXC Pro Extreme, a Class 10 rated SD card with capacities ranging from 16-64GB offering transfer speeds of up to 90MB/s. Let’s see if this baby can satisfy. Let’s make this showy! kingmax_logo_0 We’ve had KINGMAX make it through our labs now and then. For those not familiar, KINGMAX is a flash memory manufacturer specializing in flash storage devices such as memory cards and flash drives. Along with these, their current port folio includes SSDs and RAM with a product stack certainly aiming at budget-conscious consumers.


KINGMAX packages the PRO Extreme SDHC Class 10 card in the standard blister packaging housed in cardboard. KINGMAX opted to bling out their packaging with fleer metallic prints on the side, certainly to catch your attention from the shelves. The upper right corner notes official rated speeds for the card. The back of the packaging details the specifications further with performance ratings for other capacities noted on it. Opening up the package, the sole content is the card itself which comes in blue with a gold label indicating the capacity of the card and the Class 10 identifier.


Popping the card into our Sony NEX-5N which accommodates SD cards (as well as Sony’s own proprietary products), we’ll be testing the card in a real-world scenario instead of our usual benchmark heavy test. We find that the NEX-5N’s high-FPS burst rate is enough of a challenge to fully simulate the actual applications this card will encounter. sony+nex+5n The NEX-5N can burst up to 10fps and will revert to around 5-7fps when the buffer is saturated. In our test, the Class 10 designation of the card is put to the test and easily handles the demands of the camera. For normal consumers who just take pictures and store music, this might be enough but the real test for these high-specification cards are high-definition video recording. Configuring our video recording in the NEX-5N to the maximum quality. Video quality is good and showed no signs of stuttering even on the higher bitrate setting.

In closing, in the market today the KINGMAX PRO EXTREME considering its name would find its home in average consumers whose main purpose for the card is bulk storage. In this purpose, the card will serve well for digicams and tablets.


Backed by a 5-year warranty and retailing for around Php1,360, we recommend the KINGMAX PRO EXTREME CLASS 10 SDHC/SDXC cards for average consumers to hobbyists looking for a budget-friendly solution to their digital storage needs. We give the card our Value Award.


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