6 Best Offline Android Games that you can Play WITHOUT Internet

Looking for android games that you can play without the internet? Take a look at these six very fun and entertaining offline games.


Limbo is a very unique and fantastic puzzle game where you have to utilize the given resources of the environment so you can solve puzzles and move forward. The protagonist of the game is a boy whose sister got lost, and he is trying to find her in the Limbo world. Limbo is awesome and one of the best offline games right now for Android. Once you start playing it, Limbo will blow your mind with its gameplay. The graphics of the game are also impressive. The game is not very long, but it is fun and challenging to play.

Subway Surfers

Very few people might not know about this game as it is very similar to Temple Run. The gameplay is almost the same where a little boy is running on train tracks. We have to dodge all the obstacles that come his way and collect the coins and score as high as we can. This game does not need internet to play unless you want to purchase anything.

Stardew Valley

The player in the game takes over the protagonist’s deceased grandfather’s farm in a place known as Stardew Valley. The player has to manage their character’s energy levels as they clear land, plant and tend crops and engage in other social activities. You can also play similar games to Stardew Valley if you love this game.

Fruit Ninja

This game is very popular among kids and adults alike. With vibrant colors and juicy fruits, the game gives us the opportunity to slice any fruit with just the stroke of our finger. There are many game modes that have different rules. In one mode we will have to slice as many fruits as possible before the time runs out. Along with the fruits can appear bombs on the screen that we have to avoid.

Hungry Shark

This game can be played without the internet and does not let the player get bored. Get your own shark that swims in the ocean. Make sure that your shark keeps eating to stay alive and avoid larger fish and mines. With time your shark will grow, and after it reaches its maximum size, you can move on to the next bigger and stronger shark. There are shells hidden in the ocean or at the surface that will unlock missions. Complete the missions and earn coins!

Smash Hit

Weirdly satisfying, smash hit is all about smashing the mirrors and glasses coming in front of us. Breaking glass for fun, in reality, may not be a normal thing but in the world of Smash Hit, doing that will get you far. If you fail to break the glasses coming your way and hit one of them, your progress will be gone, and you’ll have to start over again.

All these games are addicting and will keep you hooked.

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