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Dragon Mania Legends: A Complete Guide

Live in the magical world of ‘DRAGOLANDIA’ and nurture your own pack of epic dragons & make yourself a Legendary Dragon Warrior.

Dragon Mania Legend is an amazing game created by the gaming giant Gameloft in 2015. This game is available on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Windows phone & Xbox, where you can easily download and play it. This game is based on the storyline of the movie ‘How to train to your dragon’. Therefore, you get to raise, train, and breed your own dragons as well as build and upgrade their habitats. Live in the magical world of ‘DRAGOLANDIA’ and nurture your own pack of epic dragons & make yourself a Legendary Dragon Warrior.

How to Play Dragon Mania Legends?

In order to start playing this awesome game you need to follow our guide. Using this simple to follow gaming guide you will be able to play this game more efficiently.

Choose Your Platform:

The first step before starting any game is to choose the platform that you will be using for playing. You can easily download and play this game on phones, laptops, and gaming consoles. Phone working on iOS, Android or Windows, and laptops or PCs having Windows are compatible with it as well as Xbox. Once you decide which device you will use simply download the game and start.

You can play your game on more than one device but remember that it won’t synchronize so you’ll have different levels on different devices. If you’ve an android available then use it for playing. It gets the latest updates first and has more options than other platforms. You can protect your game and phone from other people by installing free android spy app.

Add Friends:

The more friends you have in Dragolandia the more marvelous your gaming experience gets. Friends can help you in achieving higher levels easily. Your friends will send you portal energy, gifts and help you in doing your tasks. Connect your game with Facebook and invite your friends or you can join different dragon mania legend groups to make new friends. Moreover, you will also get an amazing warrior dragon the Prairie Dragon, when you connect your game with Facebook.

Don’t Fall for Hacks:

There are as such no hacks available for the DML till now. So, don’t fall prey to any fake site claiming to give you coins and food. Always remember that you should never share your Facebook or Dragon Mania login with anyone. It will only give chance to hackers to steal your account and you will lose your progress.

Buy or Use Real Money:

If you don’t want to wait for all the good things that will unlock with time, you can use the buying option. There are many good starter packs available in the game that you can purchase and speed up your progress. You can buy the tribal starter pack for as low as $1.99 at the start. You will get 100 gems, 100,000 gold, 10,000 food and the epic tribal dragon in this pack. If you’re willing to spend some bucks then do buy the VIP-pass as it will give you fantastic gaming experience.

Managing Food & Gold:

Food and gold are the basic things that you will need in this game. The main trick for getting plenty of food is timely farming. Never leave your farms’ idle plant and harvest enough food to feed your dragons. Moreover, harvest your dragon habitats and mines on time to collect gold.

We hope that using these simple tips you will be able to achieve higher levels while playing this astounding game.

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