Final Dusk (Android/iOS) Review

Final Dusk is a unique combination of puzzle and action type game for Android and iOS with interesting and funny storyline. The goal of the game is to help Mina the Vampire princess all the way to an evil witch’s tower. This game was developed by Light Echo and looks like this is their first game. I have done a little research about them and from so little information I can get, I found out that they are from Poland.

Final Dusk First Look


This is the main UI of the game and the first thing that you will definitely notice is that loli like vampire. I must say, as an anime lover, that that Vampire is adorable just being like that.


Mina the Vampire princess needs your help! Evil witch turned all her brethren to stone. Your goal is to protect and assist the young princess in her quest to reverse the spell. Travel through the kingdom of Vempire and conquer your foes on your way to evil witch’s tower. Test your wits and dexterity overcoming various environmental obstacles.


– Original Story and characters – Learn the story of a young, inexperienced vampire princess who, facing a terrible crisis, must take the fate of an entire kingdom of Vempire in her own hands. Meet her family and friends as well as terrifying enemies she has to face. Discover the baffling truth behind the spell that sparked all the unrest.
– Numerous missions divided by four chapters – Visit four completely unique parts of the kingdom filled with various enemies as you try to reach your goal. Find collectibles, defeat bosses, unlock new chapters of the grand adventure.
– Multiple powers! – Complete each chapter to unlock new abilities! Turn into a bat or cast illusion to distract enemies. Every power has two modes which can be used differently depending on the environment.




Developers Website: Light Echo


The game is really fun and got to hand it to Light Echo. I mean, I felt like this game targets youngsters and teenagers who are into anime and otaku. If you are someone like that, I am pretty sure that you will love this game because of Mina the vampire regardless how the game goes.

It’s rare for mobile games to have main story that continues on as you progress and most of the games out there doesn’t have any story at all which ends up to being just a plain game. I personally liked the fact that light echo placed a nice story for this game. It gives off that urge feeling that you want to keep playing just to find out how the story ends. Which is another factor that causes the game to be addictive.


The gameplay alone is fun/addictive and you will find yourself playing and thinking for hours. If you find yourself playing the game, you will surely notice that the game promotes exercising of decision making, creativity, strategy, and body-mind coordination.

The main point of this game is to protect the princess from those lights because it will turn Mina to stone if she hits any of those lights while running. Oh and you can’t stop Mina from running once you’re ready but don’t worry because Mina will stand and will not move on each stage as long as you won’t press that play button. That way, you can plan ahead and strategize how Mina can get to the next door without her hitting the lights.


There are movable objects that you can use to block those windows so Mina can run across them easily but do expect that there are stages that objects will not be enough to block all windows. That’s where Mina’s Familiar comes in. The first familiar that Mina will get is a bat. The bat can block any window or cracked surfaces to block lights so that Mina can get across safely but it’s only for a few seconds. As you progress on, Mina will get a total of 5 powers that will help her on her journey.


If ever you find yourself in trouble or forgetting some things that you can do on each stage. A book is available to guide you along as your progress. The book also features the in-game settings, support, skip stage and exit the title screen.

Final Thoughts

The game is really worth checking out and do note that they have a free demo that you can download so you can experience the game without buying it. If you find the game very interesting and you want to know how the game story goes, then the price of $1.99 (Php 95.49) is really worth it. The game came out good and it is a well planned game. Specially for the character designs. The game has the potential to get popularity from anime lovers and otakus. This game is also recommended for kids knowing that fact that the game promotes various individual skill enchantment which is essential for kids this days.


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