Creative Destruction: An Exciting Battle Royale

Creative Destruction thrusts 100-players into Aurora Valley, where a raging deathmatch takes place. In this virtual world, you team up with other players or go at it solo. Either way, the goal is to become the last one standing and earn the coveted title of “Dawn Star”. The vast map offers over 13 enchanted islands to battle it out. Once players parachute to the ground, they gather weapons and survival supplies then try to kill each other. A constantly shrinking map means you have to keep moving and stay inside a safe zone. There is also the occasional snowstorm that can potentially kill you and other players.

Distinct Sandbox Battle Royale

While Creative Destruction may sound like every typical Battle Royale out there, it is a daring game that sets itself apart from an overcrowded genre. The makers of this game, ZuoMasterDeveloper, modeled it around the largely successful Fortnite Battle Royale. Players will skydive from a flying taxi bus, which is a nice switch from the drab military plane. You get a standard issue Destructor weapon to blow up buildings. From the wreckage, you can harvest raw materials for building. The building aspect of this game is useful in a number of ways. For example, you can put up defensive strongholds known as bastions to shield yourself from an ambush. If you stack these structures or build them on containers and rooftops, you’ll have the perfect sniping spot. You may opt to build ramps and platforms as well to access hard-to-reach chests.

Gear Up on the Go

Players need to collect gear and other supplies upon landing on Aurora Valley. The best place to find loot is inside buildings. Occasionally, chests with lots of goodies drop from the sky. To stock up, you must make your way to the air-drop location. If you eliminate another player, their robot avatar is sent out of the virtual town on a balloon. The good part though is that you get to collect whatever gear they had. Make sure to collect plenty of guns, ammunition, and explosives to take on enemies. Other than weapons, you can gather rare items, clothing and even bandages or first aid kits that heal you and replenish your horse power.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Creative Destruction

  • Play with the Volume On

The game’s sound effects complement the actual action. You may hear sounds when bullets whoosh past you, after being shot, or from players who are engaging in a gunfight close by. Therefore, listen to sound events carefully when playing Creative Destruction to avoid being caught off-guard.

  • Watch Screen Indicators

In addition to sound, screen indicators help players to be aware of what is in their immediate surroundings. For instance, pistol icons on the screen will appear when you are being shot at or they can indicate gunfire that is not far off from your location. If you see yellow shoes, it means someone is approaching your position. In such cases, turn your view until the compass arrow points to a red icon on the mini-map so that you can see your attacker.

  • Don’t Ignore Daily Missions

Every day, you will have a mission to complete. Find out what your daily mission entails by checking the main menu. Completing daily missions on Creative Destruction can help you earn coins, experience points and medals. Exchange medals for chests to claim bonus prizes. Chests come with gold, star coins, weapon skins or cosmetic upgrades that will improve your character’s appearance.

  • Gather Building Materials with Caution

Make sure you are not exposed when dismantling buildings for construction materials. A good strategy is to blow up walls while you are inside houses. 

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