Hay Match – Our Pick For Most Challenging Android Match-Three Game In 2018

With so many puzzle games available to play in the store, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may spend hours downloading, installing, and then deleting games, frustrated, never finding that one that you’ll want to play hours on end.

Or, worse yet, you may fall a victim of a vicious “excessive choice paralysis” (see Wikipedia to learn how to protect yourself).

Is your situation hopeless?

Hell, no! This is where our recommendation comes in. Just kick back, and find out what game is our pick for the most challenging match-three game on Android in 2018.

This game will keep hard-core puzzle fans entertained well into the wee hours with its smorgasbord of captivating challenges. Better yet, this game is 100% free to play (but don’t worry, it will show ads J).

Meet Hay Match by Ilyon – a match-three game with a farm twist in which you match farm crops and hay stacks to win prizes, collect fresh crops from your garden, complete challenges, and get tons of surprises.

This game is rated E for everyone and is regarded as one of the finer puzzle-style brain games on the Play Store with a 4.5 score from hundreds of players.

The Challenge

It sounds simple. Match 3 items to pop combinations. The missions are set at the start of each new level. Complete the mission and advance to higher levels. Simple.

So what makes this match-3 game so challenging and fun at the same time?

For starters, this game is use-your-brain game. It will keep you using your gray matter to solve increasingly complex puzzles as you propel your way to the top of the leaderboard. And by saying “challenging,” we do mean “challenging.”

And yes – you can boost your gameplay with a variety of features and in-game elements. But boosters won’t do the brain work for you!

Secondly, rewards-driven gameplay that is relaxing once you get in the groove. Like other puzzle-style games, it starts off easy, but as you solve complex riddles and puzzles the difficulty increases. Soon you won’t notice as hours go by.

Thirdly, HD visuals. The game has beautifully designed crops and country-style items and splashy interactions, all in vivid and lively colors.

What’s more, the audio mirrors the countryside visuals with realistic sound effects and a haunting soundtrack.

The Features

The above elements are but a handful of the many features that players can expect from Hay Match.

More game features:

  • Challenging match-3 puzzles and riddles
  • 100+ interesting and challenging levels
  • Beans, peppers, blue cabbages, corns, pumpkins, crates with crops, even Colorado beetles for you to smash
  • Reach high scores
  • Get 3 stars on every level
  • Unlockable boosters and power-ups that will help you advance in the game
  • Swap or match the crops
  • Beautiful graphics and cool effects
  • Rewards-driven gameplay that will keep you busy for hours and hours

You will see the points tally for each fresh produce item you harvest. You’ll keep track of your score and the number of moves you have made in each level. You’ll be awarded 3 stars for every level you complete.

If you really like the game, the in-app purchases are available from as little as $.99 to $104.99 per item and will take the gameplay to the next level.

With so many challenging levels to play your way through you can expect limitless fun.

Ready yet for an epic farm adventure? Download this game for free on the Play Store and solve the secrets of the old farm.

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