Loco Bingo: Play Free Bingo From Your Smartphone

Bingo is one of the classic gambling games of life, and I am sure many of you have ever played with your family or friends, or seen other players enjoying this entertaining pastime.

Most of the classic games have been taken to mobile technology, and Loco Bingo is a game with which you can transfer the bingo experience to your Android smartphone or iOS. Moreover, unlike other gaming apps, this time you can play for free.

Three bingo games in one App

In the Boomtown bingo game interface, we find three different games of bingo that we can play: Bingo 75, Bingo 90 and Tombola. The three different games are fun, so we recommend trying them all.

Even so, we must highlight the game of Bingo 75, one of the most famous and played bingo modalities in the world, especially in the United States.

The game of Bingo 75 has been the last to be added to Loco Bingo, and has had a great acceptance by the users of the other two games.

In Bingo 75 you can get different combinations of prizes, from the 4 corners, a line, a column or even a diagonal, and, if you are one of the first to sing Bingo, your prize will be much higher!

No real money

On the Internet, you can find a wide variety of gaming and betting platforms. But most of them are intended for you to invest real money so that you can also win cash prizes. Loco Bingo is one of the few options for those who do not want to spend money.

So, playing bingo through this application for both Android and iOS is entirely free. The points you earn will be used to increase your position in the game’s weekly rankings, competing with your Facebook friends or users from around the world.

But, although there is no chance of making money, and despite the animated nature of its interface, it is a game aimed at the adult public. For the younger ones, there are other options that are probably much more suitable.

Play and chat online with friends and users from all over the world

To enjoy Loco Bingo, you will need an Internet connection. It’s an online game, where you will face real users from all over the world. If you want to meet people thanks to this game, you can use the chat to talk to other users, something you’ll love if you like social games.

Download Loco Bingo for Android

Even though it hasn’t been in the Google Play Store for a long time, this game already has hundreds of thousands of downloads, all indicative of its quality and entertainment level.

As mentioned above, both the download itself and the bingo games are entirely free of charge and cannot earn real money. It is compatible with any Android 4 or higher mobile phone.

If you want to start playing, you can download it at the following official Google Play link: Loco Bingo – Google Play Store.

You can also play this bingo game with your computer through the Playspace platform, where you’ll find other multiplayer games that you’re sure to love.

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