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Barber Hero iOS Review

Barber Hero Review for the IOS here!


Kuyi Mobile is an independent mobile games developer from the Philippines. They a new breed of mobile game developers that focus on creating new and innovative mobile games that everybody can enjoy. Kuyi Mobile has a number of entries in the IOS store, like Card Drop, show their vision and creativity that they put in all their games. Today, we here at B2G have the pleasure of reviewing their newest game, Barber Hero.


  • Size: 20.7 MB
  • Language: English
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Compatibilty (software): iOS 6.0 or up
  • Compatibility (hardware): iPod, iPad, iPhone
  • Optimized for iPhone 5

Graphics and Visuals


Barber Hero offers some great looking graphics for such a very simple game. Character design for the customers was a good deal of entertainment for me while playing because of their expressions when they see their finished cut. The hair design for the characters are off the charts, so much so that sometimes you’d think that the style you cut fits so much better than the one they want, but like they say, the customer is always right.


Barber Hero’s soundtrack has a few gems that make for a good hair cutting experience. The tracks on this game make me want to set up a barber shop myself and play it on an endless loop and I would not regret any second of it. They really fit the scenario and game perfectly and they’re one of the best I’ve heard in casual games.



In Barber Hero, you are a guy that came from running a successful street food stall to kick-starting a barber shop. You’re job in this game is to fix people’s hair to the style that they want and make money out of it. Like any stylist, you can choose form a wide array of stylist tools like shampoo, hair color and scissors to please the customers. The mechanics of the game are pretty easy to master and fun to play. Doing a hair cut was never this easy; a few taps to the part of the hair where it needs a little trimming and voila! A masterpiece has been created!

Of course like any other business, the customer must always be satisfied for you to have a great reputation. Being tap-happy results in a bald head and a damaged customer satisfaction rating. Business is all about the profit and a customer will pay you afterwards. All the money you made in a day will be added to your total and you’ll be able to buy more stuff to increase your repertoire.



Overall, Barber Hero is a solid addition to your iOS and Android games library. All you folks aspiring to be the next big thing in the hair styling business, or you casual players out there need to have a sniff of this game and you are gonna be hooked. It packs a fun and interesting game into a small package and that’s why we decided to give Barber Hero the Bronze Award.


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