TurtleDuck iOS Review

TurtleDuck is a casual side scroller game for the iOS. It is a game in which you control a mother turtleduck that tries to take back here eggs that was stolen from her. Along the way, you will encounter some enemies in your journey that will try and hinder your progress. Will she back her eggs and live in peace? Read on to find out.


  • Size: 39MB
  • Language: English
  • Latest Version: 1.0.3
  • Optimzed for iOS 5

Graphics And Visuals


Graphics wise, Turtleduck does a great job of giving you what you need, but not necessarily blowing you out of the water. The levels are well designed and provide enough information that the players need. The environment is colorful and bright, although at certain parts of the game, some may seem to think that the visuals are too childish and simple because of this.



Typically, casual games have a tendency to have one or two tracks that loop endlessly as you traverse within a level, and Turtleduck is no exception. Sadly, Turtleduck does not have good tracks included here. The track that is playing in the levels is much too childish that it might lull you to sleep. I would not recommend playing the track when playing and just mute it.

The sound effects, however are good and should always be enabled. It has its uses, like checking for enemies ahead among other things.



The goal in Turtleduck is simple, players must guide the mother Turtleduck to the end of the level to unlock the next one. Sounds easy enough right? Well how you get there is the hard part. In each level exists a number of obstacle and enemies that will try and stop you from getting back your eggs. However, players will have a way to fight back and go around the little critters and boxes, by the use of projectiles that you can throw around, even while jumping. Also included in these levels are a crackers that you can collect to increase your score.

Also to take note in Turtleduck is the number of lives and health that you have, as new players might be confused with how these two work. Health is represented by the Turtleduck face, which is located below the number of lives. Health is consumed when you are hit or fall onto an enemy. The only way to defeat enemies in this game is to throw the leaf-rock hybrid projectile at them for a couple of time until them die. Lives on the other hand are the ones that are represented by a heart. There are two ways to lose lives in this game; one is to use up all of your health, and the other is to fall into the water. When you lose all of your lives, its game over, so be careful with ’em. Don’t fret though, because health and lives can be obtained throughout the levels.

The game mechanics are pretty average, hugely because of some bugs and issues that have not yet been resolved as of this writing. An example of this is when you jump and land on to a small piece of land. For some reason, it is like moving in mud where its heavy and takes a lot of effort to go to where you ant and sometimes it ends in me losing a life. Another example of this is when you have to climb a ladder, the character sometimes goes beyond the length of the ladder and will not go down unless you travel down again to the ground and disembark from the ladder, which can lead to losing health or life in a way that you least expect it. Sure its fun to kill enemies and spam projectiles as you go but fun goes out the window when you suddenly die because of a game bug.



Overall, Turtleduck is a fun sidescroller which is weighed down by its somewhat buggy game mechanics and sound. It looks somewhat good, but borders on being to childish for some folks. There is not much needed to play this game other than a lot of patience to get the hang of the controls, as it is not as fluid as some sidescrollers. The fun of this game resides in the fact that it ecourages you to collect and search every nook and cranny of the level, particularly the boxes, to achieve a perfect score. Recommended.

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