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Seven Worst Mobile Games of the Decade

I’m not posting photos so you can find out for yourself.

Though there are a few phone games, which are quite addictive, most serious gamers regard them as nothing more than a waste of time and money. Here, we will discuss with you some of the worst smartphone games of the decade.

Before we start, please know and understand that for hardcore gamers, the phone games will never be par to the likes of Skyrim or Call of Duty. The mobile platforms are just not strong enough to support AAA gamers. It is for this reason many gamers call them the freemium time wasters.

You should also know that there are many top-notch mobile titles for people to explore, such as mobile originals like Candy Crush and Angry Birds and ports of titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Hearthstone. So, let us cut the chase and look at some of the worst offenders for the gamers.

Kick-Ass: The Game (2010) 

Most serious gamers have stopped expecting too much from the titles, which coincide with movie releases. With little exceptions, Kick-Ass is only mediocre. It seems repetitive, and thus, failed to impress gamers. The game is based on the movie, which is based on the comic. Even after three attempts, Kick-Ass just was unable to leave its marks. Its graphics look dated, and the controls and mechanics are laughably bad, comments Justin, an educator who helps students with his do my assignment‘ services. It is just one of the worst games of all time. Many even say that the game is so bad that it makes fellow contenders like The Expendables 2 seem like a blockbuster.

Scarface (2012)

Honestly, Scarface did have the potential to be an excellent licensed title. However, a few minutes into the game, and you can see that it is nothing more than a free mediocre game with a pay-to-win app. There is absolutely nothing about this game that stands out. There have been so many games from this genre that have been successful and have ensured a fun experience. Games such as Clash of Clans and FarmVille bagged a dedicated following owing to their balanced approach and luring mechanics. However, Scarface lacks both.

ELECTRIC CITY The Revolt (2012) 

Back in 2012, there was a web series titled Electric City released by Tom Hanks. Regardless of Tom’s active involvement, the series typically bombed. Even when the series failed to appeal to the audience, a game based on the series was released. We feel it was nothing more than an attempt to raise the bill for the production. Though the story of this mobile game was good, reviews on the gameplay were not generous. When the game was released, I tried it because I am a huge Hanks fan, but the game lacked content and had inconsistent difficulty levels, shares George, an online algebra tutor

The Relic (2011) 

There are a few games, which have troublesome launches. However, they own up to it and fix these bugs. To be honest with you, The Relic was no exception. Even though some updates came and went, the game could only go up from worse to bad, comments James, who offers the best online AutoCAD classesThis action-packed Role Playing Game has a dull enemy AI and a straightforward story.

Even though several games successfully make their complicated genres accessible to a broader audience, this was too simple and boring. Its combat and movement controls were overzealous. Combating enemies gets old too soon, which prevents the gamers from being thrilled by the art of slash and hack.

Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver (2013) 

Well, to be honest with you, not everything about this game is terrible. It is a licensed game and comes with a good variety for the users. Through this game, mobile gamers get access to a myriad of vehicles to make a selection. You can also find plenty of game modes depending upon the vehicle’s color scheme. Where the game really fell short was its subpar controls. This, in a way, kills all your chance to live up to the top-notch standards of its premier licensing. Many players tend to race away for availing better titles.

Painkiller Purgatory (2011) 

It is an extension of the Painkiller series, which commenced in 2004. However, the game does something right, similar to the game’s protagonist, you, too, will feel caught in the purgatory desperately seeking an escape. The controls are hideously inadequate. What could have been easy navigation seems like a chore in Painkiller, shares Mathew, an associate with TAE who offers engineering homework help for college and university students. The game’s environment also seems abysmal. However, of course, there are a few exciting levels in between for you to explore. The only saving grace for this game is that it is short. So, you can get away from this utterly uninspiring experience fast.

Pillowfight Girls (2010)

There are a few games in the market, which will sell you copies via their engaging story or intense gameplay, but with Pillow Fight Girls, you get nothing from the two. More so, what’s the worst thing about this game is that it is precisely brazen in its belief that sex alone could sell an exceedingly high number of copies for their game. To be honest, even the gamers who did find this selling point appealing at first were quickly left disappointed. There is so much that goes wrong with the game – the misogynist premise and horrible looking graphics. In short, this one is best left at the video game store. In our view, you should save your money for any other game, but this, because this one does belong only in your bin. That bad? There is no competition!

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