The Best Games for Your Smartphone

Mobile games were first developed in 1994. Gamers played Tetris on Hagenuk MT-2000 tech devices. Since then, App developers have built thousands of games for mobile phones. You can play Blackjack and Roulette in Betway. Many smartphone users struggle to choose thrilling games. Here are eight top mobile games every smartphone owner should download.

Life Is Strange

Dontnod Entertainment developed Life Is Strange in 2015. Square Enix published it for Android, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. It is an amazing episodic adventure. The game doesn’t solely focus on skin textures. Instead, it is about requires you to play through all episodes.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game with a distinct art style that Maurits Cornelis inspired. Its gameplay influences its visuals. It involves twisting unique structures. The first stages are easy to play. Grigori, Obfusc and Stafford Bawler’s soundtrack plays in the storyline. Monument Valley is suitable for long-distance travelers.

80 Days

Jules Verne’s novel inspired 80 Days. It is a fiction game that allows you to choose different adventures. For instance, a gamer can play as a faithful servant. You will board an underwater train from London to Paris. There are limited baggage space and funds. You can opt to book an early train or pay an additional baggage fee. 80 Days has close to 750,000 words in total. Mobile game fans can play other adventure games in Betway98 Thai for fun.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to Alto’s Adventure. It is an addictive sandboard game that has many biomes. You have to ride for distances as you complete different tasks to earn scores. However, you shouldn’t hit rocks. Alto’s Odyssey has complex grinds and backflips. It has wall rides which act as a traversal mechanic and trick to advance to higher levels.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga has different versions for Android phones, iPhone and PC. It features centaurs, giants, humans and a sinister dreg. Each tribe has unique tactical flourishes and skills. You need to make wise decisions to get rewards. The mobile game has an illustrated visual look, voiced characters and stirring music. Take your warriors and caravan to different places.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is a shooting game with millions of fans worldwide. You can play it on a game console, PC or your smartphone. It involves building a fort to hide human survivors. You can pick ammo, guns or parachute into different places. Apex and PUBG are Fotnite’s most popular game ideas.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes resembles Nintendo’s mobile phone RPG. It has a new series and characters which you can switch on multiplayer modes. Use the in-game currency to summon any character. You can unlock other favorite characters.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go had many omissions when Niantic developed it in 2016. It lacked a multi-player trainer and trading battles. However, the latest version has addressed all omissions. It involves catching critters and turning Pokestop signs. Pokémon Go offers an enjoyable experience for all gamers.

Mobile gaming has a broad clientele in the gaming industry. There are different categories of mobile games, they include arcade, action, puzzle and racing games. Betway98 offers gamers a wide variety of games to select. They include blackjack and roulette. You can download high-quality games from Google Play.

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