MSI MPower Experience: Changing the Game

Component manufacturers like to push the idea that gamers and overclockers are the same thing. Barring the fact that most enthusiasts will dabble on both sides of the fence, the majority of gamers will prefer something that doesn’t need much maintenance, ideally none at all. These people want something that works and don’t want to fiddle around to get the performance they want. The fact is, a lot of people are afraid of overclocking. Amongst others, MSI offers a solution that aims to please both newcomers and hardcore enthusiasts into the high-performance game. Let’s make this extremely showy!

MSI had a bit of fun with their latest Z77 motherboard taking it around Taiwan in a heavily-overclocked state crunching Prime95 whilst remaining totally powered-on all the time. The motherboard in question is the MSI Z77 Mpower and today we’ll be coupling it with its label-mate, the MSI N670 Power Edition to see if its up to the task of providing a stable experience even in our ridiculously unrealistic setting. Let’s check out some features and specs before we get into the game and no gallery this time.

See detailed specifications at the official product page here:

See detailed specifications at the official product page here:

Mpower + Power Edition Set

So a little foreword before we proceed, this ain’t like our typical review format. What we’re trying to establish here is if the combination of these two products result in a far more approachable solution to casual gamers who want a high-performance system, with the potential for extending that performance via overclocking WITHOUT requiring the end-user to have an in-depth knowledge of overclocking. We will provide performance data as usual.

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