Palit GeForce GTX650 Ti BOOST OC Edition

By the time you’ve read this, the GTX780 will probably have made its rounds and is already causing a big uproar in the enthusiast scene. Be that as it may, there is a smoke-screen between that segment and that of the lower-midrange. People in this segment usually don’t bother with the latest tech and buzzwords, they want results. In NVIDIA’s product line there’s a huge gap between the GTX650 Ti and the GTX660 that needs filling to compete with the likes of the HD7850 and the HD7790. NVIDIA was quick to respond on the HD7790 launch by releasing the GTX650 Ti BOOST edition which sees its positioning in between the HD7790 and HD7850. Today we have Palit’s rendition of this GK106 GPU and comes already factory overclocked to sweeten the deal. Let’s make this extremely showy!


About the GTX650 Ti BOOST

The standard GTX650 and GTX650 Ti are based off the GK107 chip from NVIDIA. The GTX650 Ti BOOST Edition uses the GK106 GPU which is what you will see in the GTX660 model. It comes packed with 768 CUDA cores clocked in at 980Mhz and is complemented by 2GB of GDDR5 RAM on a 192-bit wide bus. As the name implies, the GTX650 Ti BOOST features dynamic clocking or boost frequency which is 1033Mhz.

About the Palit GTX650 Ti Boost Edition

Palit offers two variant of the GTX650 Ti Boost: the regular version which has single-fan cooler and comes in reference frequencies and then there’s the OC Edition which comes clocked in at 1006Mhz and has a boost clock of 1072Mhz cooled by a dual-fan cooler.

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