Palit GeForce GTX770 Jetstream 2GB

The high-end GPU market has been left hanging for quite some time now and the arrival of the GTX 7xx series is intended to give upgraders a chance to get their systems back in the game. We round up two GeForce GTX770 and see what the cards are capable of. Today we’ll be checking out the second custom-cooled graphics card from Palit in the GTX7xx series from NVIDIA. We’ll have the card go head to head against another GeForce GTX770 and see if the card can deliver just as good as its price and cooler.

Palit Microsystems Ltd. is a graphics card manufacturer well-known for their line of NVIDIA products and their consumer-friendly prices. We’ve had a lot of Palit products pass by our lab in the last year or so and we’re always excited to see how much the company is progressing everytime they have a new product rolling out.

About the GeForce GTX770

Much to the dismay of a lot of enthusiasts, NVIDIA has chosen to refresh its aging GeForce 6xx series of cards by re-using the same Kepler silicon for the GeForce 7xx series. The GTX770 itself is based on the 28nm GK104 chip used in the GTX680. The GTX770 though features higher clocks than the GTX680 brandishing a core clock of 1046Mhz and boost clock of 1085Mhz in comparison to the GTX680’s 1006Mhz/1058Mhz. Memory clocks on the GTX770 are clocked-in at 7Ghz, for both 2GB and 4GB variants of the GTX770.

Finally and perhaps the most interesting feature of the GTX770 is GPU Boost 2.0 which allows the card to adjust core clock based on temperature. The temperature ceiling is set at 80*C and if the card is below this temperature threshold it will adjust the frequency for much higher performance.

The reference GTX770 has a launch SRP of $399 as per NVIDIA.

About the Palit Jetstream GTX770

The Palit Jetstream GTX770 comes factory-overclocked with a healthy 1150Mhz core clock and a boost clock of 1202Mhz. That is a 104Mhz bump on the core clock and 117 fore the boost frequency which gives it more juice than the reference GTX770 card. For the memory clock, Palit only did a mild bump giving the Jetstream GTX770 a 7010Mhz memory clock, a 10Mhz overclock over reference.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, GPU Boost 2.0 now controls frequencies based on temperature therefore a better cooler would produce much higher performance. Palit’s Jetstream cooler gets a make-over for this card, with the triple fan Jetstream cooler now featuring a revised design with more black than copper gold on this latest revision. We’ve seen before that this cooler performs nicely although we wished it could get some improvements, and seems like Palit has heard our cries and has made some changes to the cooler. Most notable would be the addition of the copper coldplate on the cooler base. We’ll see more of this later.

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