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Most games these days are developed using graphics heavy engines like Unity. They help make games that are rich and immersive in experience. However, when you are playing games directly on a browser chances are that these are developed using OpenGL which is a popular graphics standard in the world of computing. Most often these browsers use WebGL and HTML5. HTML5 is the programming language used to present content on the internet. It’s like the backbone of all that you see on your browser. This version of HTML was launched in 2008 and its purpose was to improve multimedia and graphics on browsers. It’s sort of like Adobe Flash in teheense that it can be used to play both audio and video in your browser.

WebGL is short for Web Graphic Library which is an API that basically uses the HTML5 canvas to help your browser to render interactive 2D and 3D graphics without the need to download or install any plugins. This basically makes it easier for your browser to load games and it also allows it to use your computer’s hardware to render these graphics effectively.

All these features make your gameplay on the browser faster and effortless.


Many services like online casinos are increasingly using this kind of technology to develop games that players can check out immediately through their browsers without having to go through the cumbersome process of downloading and installing. In fact, some of the best online slots are supposed to be using WebGL and HTML5. And not just online casinos, you can even play first-person shooter games like Quake on your browser. We spent hours playing some of these games which we have listed here for you to check out. Here they are.

Dead Trigger 2

As far as zombie games go, Dead Trigger 2 checks all the boxes and is a real thriller to play. The gameplay is simple. You have an arsenal of weapons that you have to use to blast zombies that try to attack you.


HexGL is a really cool racing game that’s based in the future. The player has to control a spaceship and progress through various levels. The gameplay is fast and addictive.


Sketchout is a great example of what you can do with a simple technology like WebGL and HTML5.  In this game, you have to protect the planet by avoiding meteor attacks. The visuals are absolutely striking as well as the fantastic music to go with it.

Gods Will Be Watching

Who said that browser-based games can’t have a storyline? In Gods Will Be Watching you have to survive 40 days of isolation. Your team includes a robot, a shrink and a god and you have to look after all of them. Be kind. Remember someone up there is watching you.

Book of Dead

Online Casino games are known for their simplicity and the Book of Dead game is no less. The Indian Jones-inspired character called Rich Wilde is in Egypt on a treasure hunt. Although Indiana Jones is not exactly a character or an attitude that has aged well according to this article here, it still conjures up feelings of adventure and the fear of the unknown. The game has five reels and some fantastic bonus features, graphics and some really exotic music that keeps you hooked to the game.


This game truly shows how 3D graphics can be used effectively inside a browser. The game expects the player to go around collecting and building stuff .It’s a lot like Age of Civilization which involves a lot of strategizing and building things using limited resources.

Angry Birds

How can we not include Angry Birds in this list now that it’s available on HTML5. This is one of those few games that may be easy to play but it’s not easy to master. There’s a lot of solving puzzles with trial and error and the sound effects and animation make it truly one of the greatest games ever made.

Cookie Clicker

This is a really fun game and we suspect that it was initially developed more as a joke than a serious project. The game begins with absolutely no cookies but soon you have tons of them. What do you do with them? Find out by playing it.

Elevator Saga

If you are a geeky programmer who finds all these games too silly and juvenile, then Elevator Script is the game for you. Your job as a programmer is to find the best and most efficient way to get the elevator to take people to their respective floors. You have to do this by JavaScript.

There are a lot more games that employ WebGLand HTML5 so you can play straight out of your browser. Try checking out Olympia Rising, Game of Bombs and Pixel Race if none of the above catch your fancy!

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