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EVERSPACE Now Officially Has a Linux version on Steam and GOG

ROCKFISH Games has officially released today the Linux version of EVERSPACE. It has been 8 months since they released the experimental Linux version which is impressive considering EVERSPACE is ROCKFISH Games’ 1st PC game.

You can buy EVERSPACE for ₱759.95 on Steam and $29.99 on GOG.



  • Single-player roguelike space shooter with persistent progression
  • Captivating fully voice-acted story featuring interesting and thoughtfully designed characters
  • Three unique player ships, each with different capabilities and starting gear to choose from
  • Vibrant art style with top-notch visuals and incredible attention to detail
  • Shooter-style 6DOF controls optimized for mouse + keyboard
  • In-depth crafting and damage system
  • Dynamic, functional cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Hardcore Mode with permadeath for die-hard roguelike fans

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