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Game Character Types in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a game with rich gameplay, a variety of options, and an engaging storyline

World of Warcraft is a game with rich gameplay, a variety of options, and an engaging storyline. Also, WOW is known for having numerous classes and races, and each of the classes has unique characteristics and specialization. Here, you can look through all playable classes to choose the best character.

Character Types — Choose the Best Class

One of the unique features of World of Warcraft is a wide choice of characters. Classes in the game imply not only the different appearance and unique skills but also special challenges and gameplay depending on the chosen game character.


Combat Roles — Damage;

Specializations — Beast Mastery, Survival, Marksmanship;

Available Weapons — Axes, Bows, Guns, Polearms, Swords, Staves.

Hunters are known as masters of the environment, able to move like ghosts, hide, and lay traps. Also, hunters can have pets, ready to attack while the master nock the arrows. Finally, these characters are very mobile because their weapon is effective both at short and long distances.


Combat Roles — Tank, Damage;

Specializations — Arms, Fury, Protections;

Available Weapons — Axes, Maces, Staves, Daggers, Fist Armors.

This class unites the true Lords of War. The main aim of warriors is to improve and master the art of battle. In the World of Warcraft Classic Review, different information is presented concerning the unique features of gameplay and how the class affects the game process. As for the characteristics, leadership and strength, together with the knowledge of armor, will help you to become a real king of war.


Combat Roles — Damage;

Specializations — Arcane, Frost, Fire;

Available Weapons — Wands, Daggers, Staves, One-Handed Swords.

“Masters of Time and Space” is the best description for these characters. Only the most devoted and gifted students can master the arcane magic, which is as great as dangerous. Mages wear only armor clothes and get additional protection by arcane shields and enchantments. Also, a mage can control the battlefield by freezing the enemies or transforming them into someone or something helpless.


Combat Roles — Damage, Healer;

Specializations — Shadow, Discipline, Holy;

Available Weapons — Staves, Wands, Daggers, One-Handed Maces.

Priests are devoted to the spiritual and are aimed to serve people. These characters use their holy powers to protect themselves as well as the aliens. The unique skills of monks involve healing (the holy power to restore their own health and the health of teammates) and mind control thanks to the connection with the spirits and minds of all living beings.



Combat Roles — Healer, Tank, Damage;

Specializations — Mistweaver, Windwalker, Brewmaster;

Available Weapons — Polearms, Staves, Fist Weapons, One-Hand Maces, Axes, and Swords.

These characters can fight even without any weapon. The strong connection with their inner chi increases their abilities and makes them powerful fighters. Monks are known as true masters of zen, which helps them to inflict maximum damage to enemies.

Demon Hunter

Combat Roles — Damage, Tank;

Specializations — Vengeance, Havoc;

Available Weapons — Fist Weapons, One-Handed Swords and Axes, Warglaives.

Demon Hunters belong to a dark legacy that frightens all the aliens and enemies. These characters capitalize on speed and can control chaotic energies both for attacking the enemy and resisting damage. Also, Spectral Sight is the Demon Hunters’ power that makes them able to detect enemies even if they hide behind obstacles.


Combat Roles — Damage;

Specializations — Assassination, Subtlety, Outlaw;

Available Weapons — One-Handed Axes, Swords, and Maces; Fist Weapons, Daggers.

Rogues are known for using brutal and efficient tactics, as well as surprising attacks from the shadow. The combo attack helps them in a fight to liquidate the target. Also, these characters coat the weapons in poison. Rogue is a very dangerous class because they are masters of stealth and lethal assassins.


Combat Roles — Damage, Tank, Healer;

Specializations — Retribution, Protection, Holy;

Available Weapons — Polearms, Maces, Axes, Swords.

The call of the Paladin includes several aims: to bring justice, to protect the weak, and to vanquish evil. The blessing of the Light gives these characters some unique forces, such as healing the wounds, restoring life, and improving the survivability and damage. Also, Paladins use the heaviest shields and armors.


Combat Roles — Damage, Healer;

Specializations — Restoration, Enhancement, Elemental;

Available Weapons — Maces, Axes, Staves, Fist Weapons, Dagger.


These characters of World of Warcraft are known as spiritual guides and practitioners. Shamans act as moderators between four elements (earth, fire, water, air) aimed to bring balance to the chaos. The elemental force makes Shamans able to use nature powers to attack the enemies with lighting strikes, lava bursts, and earthquakes.


Combat Roles — Damage;

Specializations — Demonology, Affliction, Destruction;

Available Weapons — Staves, Wands, Daggers, One-Handed Swords.

Warlocks are the characters who use dark arts and demonic powers. Also, Warlocks are able to bind demons to their will, and these demons protect their masters while they attack from a distance. These characters use curses to damage, weaken, or disable the enemies.


Combat Roles — Healer, Tank, Damage;

Specializations — Guardian, Balance, Restoration, Feral;

Available Weapons — Fist Weapons, Daggers, Maces, Staves, Polearms.

Druids can use the vast powers of nature to keep balance and protect all living forms. These characters are also ideal combatants able to play different roles, including tanking, damaging, and healing. Druids can use the powers of natural and animal forms to boost power during the battle or increase the healing capacity.

Death Knight

Combat Roles — Tank, Damage;

Specializations — Unholy, Blood, Frost;

Available Weapons — Maces, Axes, Swords, Polearms.

Knights of the Ebon Blade supplement their weapon with dark magic. Also, Dark Knights have a personal connection with blades and can put runes on them to increase the power of the weapon. They are also able to heal themselves and their comrades, as well as increase the damage and spell attacks.

New Customizations

In the latest update, a lot of new customization options are available for the players. All you need is to visit the barbershops in Azeroth to give the character a new makeover, change a hairstyle, or update a style, tattoo, skin tones, and so on. This option aims to highlight the personality of each player or to enhance the creativity to a maximum level.

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