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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Performance and Gameplay Review

The Decima Engine made its PC debut with Death Stranding but its global debut game was Horizon Zero Dawn. Both games are open world titles and offers vast open spaces with lush foliage and waterways. While Death Stranding offers a much more relaxed gameplay experience (albeit tiring) Horizon Zero Dawn has a faster vibe to it and its combat is certainly much friendly to stealth or full-frontal assault styles whichever the player chooses.

In Horizon Zero Dawn’s PC port, we expected to see a nice array of tick boxes and we aren’t disappointed: the graphics settings for the game allows tweaking of texture quality, anti-aliasing and more but the game does set pre-determined presets for quick configuration. We’ll take a look at how these settings affect performance in the following page but first let’s take a look at how they compare.

Below are some comparative screenshots showcasing the game’s various detail settings and will be indicated in our comparison images.


Ultimate Quality (Very High/Max) vs. Favor Quality (High)

Ultimate Quality (Very High/Max) vs. Original (Medium/PS4 Quality)

Ultimate Quality (Very High/Max) vs. Favor Performance (Low)

Original (Medium/PS4 Quality) vs. Favor Performance (Low)

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