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Immortal Day (Browser) Review

Sharpen your fangs and claws, we go prowling tonight. Read our review of the browser-based vampire game, Immortal Day.



Immortal Day, one of the very few vampire games out now, is an adventure browser game made by Immortal Gaming. This is the sequel to the game Immortal Night that is also made by the same studio. In this game, there are 5 races in which the player can choose that comes with unique strengths and weaknesses. The races are the following: Vampires, Hunters, Hybrids,Werewolves/Lycans, and Zombie Hybrids.

If you’re expecting something like modern day vampire games, think again. Join us, as we walk you through a new kind of experience brought to you by Immortal Day.

Game Basics – Immortal Day


In Immortal Day, players will have to strengthen their characters by using different methods that vary in effectiveness and timing. Players, however should use these methods wisely. Because activities use energy  they can only do so much activities in a set amount of time. Players should also maximize the use of their money in the beginning since resources are scarce when you are a beginner.

There are so many items for this game and all of them have different uses. Equipment are items that you can use to attack other immortals and/or bots and it generally is the main reason why you will win or lose a fight so you have to itemize perfectly for you to be successful. Other items can also be used for refilling your energy, getting more money and getting you out of Capture and Recovery status.

Activities in this game include prowls, training, mischief, service, and schooling. Prowls are your easiest source of income and items in this game. There are only a set number of prowls for a day and you can get a wide array of goodies here. Sometimes, prowling can get get you into fights with other players who are also prowling. The downside of prowling is when you find yourself in Capture or Recovery status and that will not let you prowl for the rest of the day.

If you need game statistics, you can visit the Statistics and Assistance in the Explore page to be able to view the competition as well a view potential allies in your quest. Speaking of allies, you can also join a house, which is like a guild here in Immortal Day.

There are also Casino Games for you to be able to multiply your money, or potentially lose it all. Casino games included here are the following, but not limited to Slots and Blackjack. There are other games available should you need it, like lotteries and Russian roulette if you want more of a different challenge.

Game Mechanics – Immortal Day


Since Immortal Day is a text based adventure game, your decisions and planning rather than your mechanics will help you get by in this game. Players must learn to manage resources and be able to plan out a couple of steps ahead for them, especially during the beginning, to be able to get the most of the scare hand that the game deals to them. Everything is limited here in this game, the number of time you can prowl, the amount of energy that you can exert per day, even the number of times you can use items to refill your energy is limited, so the importance of this skill cannot be stressed enough.



When I started out playing Immortal Day, I did not have a clue as to what I should do to start and what should I do next. The sheer number of options and links that Immortal Day showed me at the start kind of left me in a doozy, and I mean that in a good way. The game is just rich with options its basically asking you to explore. You can do that but the game does offer to hold your hand during the start with new player tips to help us get our feet wet. Once done, it was smooth sailing from there. While playing Immortal Day for three, hours I kind of got the hang of the game and how to manage my resources carefully, they even send you an in-game check worth $25,000 to kickstart you immortal career.. and by in-game standards, that is quite a generous amount.

It does get grind-ey after a long while because all you do is basically run the same set of actions that you do every day; prowling, training, tarot reading, do service to the ancients then rinse and repeat. The Casino provides a quick distraction and if you really have a knack for this, you can easily earn much. I wouldn’t bank on it though to make you a millionaire and its best to set a budget for gambling in Immortal Day while setting aside more money to be spent on items which gets me access to better locations or Blood Biscuits to replenish my health (I did that not realize that I can get blood biscuits in prowls, silly me).

Battling in Immortal Day is pretty straightforward, since all you really do is whack each other with your weapon, so it really does not offer much in visual entertainment. This gives us the impression that the developers put more focus into the actual overall experience rather than the PVP/PVE segment of the game, making it a whole lot more enjoyable if you are the type of player who wants a more relaxed, well-paced approach to your experience.

If you wanna look at the competition that you’re gonna have to face, scouting for the perfect allies, or just out to hang with your co-immortals then you can drop by The Shadows and search for a house whose beliefs and personnel would help you rise up the rankings and get you stronger items as well.

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You can regenerate faster by mixing methods of regeneration.


Prowling is also a very enjoyable concept of Immortal Day. It is actually very simple in which you just have to click the same link over and over again until you set number of prowls for a day runs out. The number of things that can be obtained from prowling are a lot, you can get money, equipment, items, and the occasional fight with a bot all of which are random which adds to the enjoyable unpredictability of Immortal Day. Note that you just can’t keep going around and picking fights while prowling because you do run out of energy, which you will need to regenerate which gives this part of the game open to tactical and strategic approaches if you want to maximize the day. Adding to the thrill of prowling, this vampire game sometimes makes the humans a little amped-up, so they can and will capture or injure you, putting your avatar in recovery. Recover will cost you valuable time, unless you have the necessary items to escape capture or heal yourself quickly, which is another point to Immortal Day’s friendliness to tactical gameplay.


7Immortal Day has some great highs points. The sheer number of options that this game gives you is downright amazing. If you would put into text how a small role-playing game functions, Immortal Day is what it would look like. From doing a hell of a lot of activities like prowling, tarot card readings, to upping the ante and playing Casino Games to win or go broke and heck, to even getting the items and equipment that you need, you have to go through and do a lot of things to itemize correctly.

BossMac’s Notes: Immortal Day is immense. You can immerse yourself in various ways to the vampire game experience, there is simply no one way of playing the game. It can get grind-ey when you’re after something but that leads players to essentially plan their days better for maximum yields. The game offers donators options to improve their characters as well as other perks, but ultimately this does not disrupt the balance of Immortal Day since the game allows purchasing of items from other players, effectively giving the game an economic aspect which should please fans with a thing for being in-game moguls.

9Overall, Immortal Day is a fresh take on the vampire game genre. It goes against the norm of what mainstream media has shaped the perception of what vampire games should be. No Blade, Kain or Alucard here. Just you, living the “creature of the night” life. Immortal Day lets you play the way you want, rash and aggressive or timed and tactical, the game is your sandbox. And you’re not alone, Immortal Day has a large and active community of players for you to make friends with or become rivals. The choice is yours.

Immortal Day is a game all about choices and the game gives you total freedom to become what you want. Challenging, tactical and completely unique. Immortal Day is a gaming experience unlike what you’re used to and if you are a fellow nightkin, then this game is highly recommended.


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  1. Cody

    September 3, 2014 at 2:26 am

    Terrible game. You know why? The ADMINISTRATORS are impossible, rude, and not willing to listen. Pop the wrong words or sense of humor and they will ban your from mailing others, or getting on the forum. They will totally displace you from the community if you do opposite to their satisfaction.

  2. Brianne

    February 26, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Does any one know how to hack out of the pit of despair in immortal day.

    • Rawr

      February 21, 2016 at 9:32 pm

      Brianne just use tor browser. They can not isolate your ip adress. If you have matching IP addresses the game can ban you. Tor browser allows your IP address to jump from one location to another. to be honest, other games out there thats better

  3. Rawr

    February 21, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Game is corrupt. Staff turn into players then turn back into staff. they belittle you in forums. one even admitted to talking down to me in forums i then responded with light banter then she turned back into a staff member and banned me from forums lol.

    • john hyatt

      November 25, 2020 at 1:45 pm

      i played the game for 5 years at first it was fun. then the De Clairmont family showed up. of course at first they were all buddy buddy. but later after they spent thousands of dollars on the game to buy their way up the hof by purchasing Donator tokens which can be used to get special items that can help you get way more stat gains than anyone else or you can simply sit there and be a douche and overcharge them on the market because some dumbass is always willing to pay stupid amounts. once they became stronger than just about everyone on the game they turned into major cunts. they went around bullying and harassing players like myself. these pussies would online attack you several times a day everyday each one of them. Hit and heal repeatedly all day everyday. they talked shit on each others pages about other people’s player names and other people’s E families. The staff (ravey) sit there and tell players they are neutral and they dont want anything to do with the drama while claiming they are not part of the de clairmont family. While at the same time telling the family leader how he is such an amazing big brother and how she loves him so dearly. then they create forum posts trying to call other people bullies for beating the shit out of their weak family members for retaliation for all the hits they are givin. Nikita who owns the game is a two faced cunt who has given the de clairmonts free reign to do whatever they want on her game. IF you think about joining this game my advice to you is DONT FUCKING DO IT!

  4. Jena

    August 16, 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Game is very easy to navigate and get into. It has a large active social community. You’ll get hooked fast. I love the darker side of the game, monsters of all types. Pummel, mug, do your assignments… and also be ready to take a hit without whining. Fairly easy to make your bank selling valuable items you come across. Train to become a bad ass, become a collector or just pop in to talk with friends. There’s a spot for everyone.

    Down side; read the rules… Administration/moderators are unpleasant to deal with. So my advice is to just keep away from them.

  5. Marie

    September 10, 2016 at 12:00 pm

    It’s a breeding ground for filth and cheating,many girls on there are only 17,the filth they talk,should be a law against this site,they are minors…

  6. Lord Dragion Firestorm.

    November 19, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    Ravey is the worst of them all she has pited others for rules they have not broken –
    Others are allowed to mention rape now and harass behind block use excessive cursing and all the staff ignores it.
    Even when they start in forms they dont get banned.
    Yet you will get banned for posting proof they are a multi.
    Your told its cause you didnt report it .
    BUT YOU did report with proof and nothing happened.
    – GAME IS DOWN HILL with out Violet.

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