Rui Deng Tech USB Meter Tester – UM24, UM25, UM34

When it comes to measuring voltages, amperage, or current, we usually use tools like multi-meter to do that job. However, it has proven to be difficult to use such tool if we want to measure voltages, amperage, or current that comes in and out of a Universal Serial Bus or most commonly known as USB.

Fortunately enough, measuring tools were not left behind as technology advances. Resulting in the creation of USB Type Multi-Meter. A measuring tool solely intends to measure the voltages, amperage, and many more that comes in and out of a USB Port.

So before anything else, we would like to thank RD Tech for providing us with these awesome tools. For more information about them and their products, visit their AliExpress Official Store page.



*Each model has two variants. Models with the letter “C” next to their product name means they support Bluetooth connection. Those without doesn’t.

Unboxing – UM24, UM25, & UM34

Each model comes in with a aluminium case that has a very dense foam cushioning. This cushion holds the USB Meter in place preventing any trivial to major damage during travel.

There isn’t much else to talk about for this section of this article. There are no included accessories or manuals.

Closer-Look – UM24, UM25, & UM34

There are three (3) different USB Meter models namely UM24, UM25, and UM34. The main difference between these models is their measuring capabilities. UM24 being the entry level that can be used for normal cases. UM25 that’s specifically designed to measure Huawei’s Supercharging technology. Lastly, UM34, designed to be a more advanced model that supports OPPO’s VOOC and OnePlush DASH but it doesn’t support Huawei’s SuperCharging technology.


UM24 Model


UM25C Model

Again, as we already mentioned above. These USB Meters comes in two variants. One with Bluetooth connection and one without. The image of the UM24C above has Bluetooth connectivity thus the reason why it has a Bluetooth Switch.


UM34C Functions

The UM34 model is the advance one among the three (3) models. However, there are some certain features that the UM25 possess that the UM34 doesn’t. Such as the support for Huawei fast charging technology and a Type-C output.


All RD Tech USB Meters feature six (6) user interfaces and those are:

  • Main Interface
  • Quick Charger Recognition
  • Recording
  • Wire Impedance Measurement
  • Graph
  • System Settings

App Interface (For Bluetooth Supported Models)

For models that has Bluetooth connection, you can use your Smartphone to connect to the tool. Using the app that you can download, it will display all parameters on your phones’s display.

RD Tech USB METER UM34 Display Bluetooth App Android

PC Interface

Download – Android & PC


Rui Deng Tech USB METER UM24 UM25 UM34

The RD Tech USB Multi-Meter Tester is a kind of tool that’s not intended for the general audiences. This is more of a tool for those that are either a technology reviewer, engineer, or anything related to measuring the voltage, current, and actual power flow that comes in and out of the USB port.

So if you need one of this, we highly recommend that you check RD Tech out on their AliExpress Official Store. They have a tons of offering for different needs.

All and all, the performance, the price, and the features of these USB meters are what makes them unique. The accuracy of their measurement is within a variable difference since you get slightly different results when you use them on one identical test. However, the difference is within the 0.05% margin of error.

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