Review – Bezel 24N7100 240Hz Pro Edition Gaming Monitor

The market for the computer monitor in the past couple of years is leaning towards a trend. A trend that tends to make every monitor expensive in a particular way. Other than having them equipped with RGB lighting for aesthetics, consumers, mostly gamers, are demanding faster refresh rates.

With this in mind, the market is flocked with monitors that offer a higher refresh rate. Other than the demand for better picture quality, larger resolution, bigger screen display, etc…, the refresh rate is probably the most requested feature by most consumers.

But let’s face it, the higher the refresh rate, the more expensive a monitor get. Fortunately, technology is evolving and cheaper alternatives are plumping the market. And today, we are taking a closer look at the cheapest and most affordable 240 Hz computer display monitor in the market, the Bezel 24N7100 Pro Edition Gaming Monitor.

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Bezel 24N7100 240Hz Pro Edition Gaming Monitor



  • Display Size: 24 Inches
  • Model Number: 24N7100
  • Color: Black
  • Viewing Angle: 597.6 X 336.15 mm2
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • Max Brightness: 300cd/m2
  • Screen Ratio 16:9
  • Screen Type: TFT LCD Display
  • Panel: MVA
  • Refresh Rate: 240hz
  • LCD type: AUO
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Response Time: 3ms

Where to Buy

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Closer Look – Bezel 24N7100 Monitor

The Bezel 24N7100 features a classic design for a monitor. The panel is flat and is not curved, additionally, it’s not bezeless as well.


Once assembled, the monitor gives off a similar design and aesthetics found from a certain brand. The frame and body are sturdy and it doesn’t wobble easily.


The base of the monitor stand is of circular design with different inclination along its base.


The base comes with a total of 6 rubber feet which excellently prevents the monitor from slipping away from its position. The bottom part of the base shows one displayed arrow that indicates where the neck of the stand is connected.


The neck of the stand has one hole positioned close to the base. The hole is positioned there to act as an additional option for cable management. Additionally, the square hole is found along the neck of the stand is a lock mechanism that locks the base and the neck together.


Once connected, the stand will look like the image above. You’ll notice that the part where the monitor is attached to the stand uses VESA mounting 100x100mm configuration. Additionally, you’ll find that the monitor can be tilted up to 90 degrees but limited to one side only.


Unfortunately, you need to decide which side you’ll want to tilt the monitor if you plan to use it in portrait mode. Once the monitor is attached, you can only either tilt the display from 0 degrees to 90 degrees or from 180 degrees to 90 degrees orientation. So it’s best to note how you’ll want to attach the stand to the monitor before screwing them together.


Once the monitor and the stand are assembled, the backside of the monitor will look like the image above.

At the back, you’ll find the brand’s name, Bezel, as well as the label sticker, the display control buttons, and the I/O ports.

Bezel_24N7100_240Hz_Pro_Edition_Gaming_Monitor_input-output-ports (2)

The I/O ports of the monitor include an HDMI v1.4 port, HDMI v2.0 ports, a USB port, a DisplayPort, one power port, and one Audio 3.5mm port.


Also at the back, you’ll find the control part of the monitor which is consists of 6 buttons. Additionally, the power indicator is also found along with the buttons.


The Bezel brand is a known brand that offers high refresh rate gaming monitor at an affordable price. Other than that, the brand also has a signature that provides added value to every monitor they have and that’s the included cables.

Out of the box, the Bezel 24N7100 Pro Edition Gaming Monitor comes with 2 pieces of DisplayPort cable, 1 piece of HDMI cable, and 1 piece of power brick adaptor with a power cable.

The cables alone already cost around PHP500+ which is an added value for the whole package.

Display Thickness


The actual monitor itself features an 18.5 mm Bezel thickness.


Additionally, the total width thickness of the frame is 20 mm. Making this monitor quite bulky itself and somewhat misses itself in the flat screen bezeless trend of the market.

Performance – Bezel 24N7100 Monitor


Picture Quality

The Bezel 24N7100 Monitor has a native resolution of 1080p. Which ensures that the picture quality will be decent in FullHD. It also uses a VA panel which gives an excellent contrast level.


As seen in the image above, the display panel is a bit on the darker side. This, of course, is the result without changing anything and the configuration is out of the box.

The monitor features a170 degrees viewing angle without picture quality loss but this is true for viewing side to side. It’s a different case when viewed from top to bottom at an angle.


When the monitor is viewed at a higher angle, the picture quality brightens up. The contrast degree also changes almost immediately per 5 degrees viewing angle increment. When viewed above 150 degrees, the color becomes badly saturated.


When viewed at a lower angle, the display almost immediately darken badly. Which is a characteristic mostly observed and noticeable with TN panels or cheaper VA panels.

Contrast, Gradient, & Banding


In terms of contrast, the monitor offers an excellent level of contrast as seen on the image above. Additionally, it has a rated 3000:1 contrast ratio.


When viewing the level of whiteness on the highest end of the color spectrum, the difference in the level of white is noticeable up to 253 which is excellent. 255 is the level of white that’s considered as the highest level of white.


When viewing the level of black, the monitor also exhibits an excellent black level. You may not notice it on the image shown above but the level of black is distinguishable up to 1 which is excellent and almost perfect. 0 is the level of real pitch black.


With an excellent level of contrast, banding is not an issue for this monitor. There’s also no issue with clouding or dirty gray.



In terms of sharpness, the monitor has a decent configuration out of the box.

For this test, you need to squint your eyes. If the image becomes smooth gray, then the sharpness level is excellent. If the image shows different other than being a smooth gray, then it’s a sign of badly pre-configured monitor resulting in a poor sharpness level.


When it comes to overclocking, the best way to test the limit and headroom of the monitor is to remove any bandwidth limitation, use DisplayPort cable, and use overclocking tools like CRU.


Out of the box, the monitor is set to 240 Hz refresh rate which is expected and it also has a response time of 3ms.

After signing the driver to remove the bandwidth limitation, we added a monitor profile with each increment in the refresh rate. The highest possible refresh rate we got without much tinkering with the Custom Resolution Utility tool (CRU) is a 258 Hz refresh rate. Anything above that results in a black screen.


Unfortunately, the monitor exhibits instability with a refresh rate above 250 Hz.


Using the tool called FrameSkipping provided by, this will let us verify if there are any frameskip issues occurring. As shown in the image above, the bright gray boxes should not have any skips. Unfortunately, at 257 Hz, frame skipping is occurring.


If there is no frame skipping, the brighter gray boxes will display a continuous line with no skipping as seen in the image above.

Built-in Game Modes

The monitor features a built-in game mode configuration that changes the overall settings of the display depending on each game mode.

The Bezel 24N7100 comes with 4 different game modes and those are RPG, FPS, RTS, and AOS.


What these modes do is to changes the configuration of the monitor to provide the best possible experience for a specific game genre. For example, the FPS mode will set the monitor to provide faster response time which is one of the most crucial factors for competitive FPS gaming.


Additionally, the monitor has a built-in cursor that enhances the cursor for most FPS games. Unfortunately, this is the game mode and it’s hard to tell which games mode is which since the only thing that changes is the color and shape of the cursor once a game mode is enabled or selected.

On-Screen Display Options – Bezel 24N7100 Monitor

The Bezel 24N7100 features an on-screen menu that lets you configure the overall settings of the monitor.

For its main menu, you can configure the brightness, contrast, color settings, picture quality, display, audio, OSD, and others that contain the FreeSync option and HDR.

Final Thoughts

The Bezel 24N7100 240Hz Gaming Monitor is definitely one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, 240Hz monitor in the market. It’s a true 240Hz refresh rate with a 3ms response rate which is excellent for gaming. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to recommend a 240Hz monitor as of this point. The market prices for this kind of monitor ranges from 12,000 to 20,000 PHP, depending on the brand name, features, and specs. We find that a 240Hz monitor is quite expensive even for those that are drastically trimmed down to offer the market an affordable price.

The Bezel 24N7100 240Hz Gaming Monitor is a great option if you really want to get your hands on the 240Hz goodness. It has a decent built and excellent picture quality. If you’re looking to get a 240Hz monitor without breaking the bank, then we highly recommend considering this monitor.

But as of this point, there are more cons than pros for this monitor. For one, the price is quite expensive and this is true for all 240Hz monitors. As of this writing, the monitor has a selling price of ₱12,499.00. At that price point, we’d recommend considering getting Bezel 27MD845 FreeSync Gaming Monitor instead. It’s a 27-inch monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz and a native resolution of 1440p. It comes with a better design and a cooler looking aesthetics but best of all, a bigger display. On the other hand, 240Hz is better in terms of fluidity, smoothness, and having that advantage over others in fast-phased competitive gaming like FPS games.

Ultimately, the monitor doesn’t feature the latest aesthetics and it’s more of a basic monitor that offers a 240Hz refresh rate. Enabling consumers with a tight budget to afford it. Which makes the monitor have its key selling factor in its performance. If you can live with its OEM-ish design and values performance and affordability, then this monitor is for you. Otherwise, there are other better options to consider.

Get an Extra PHP300 off when you purchase this monitor using the code “BACK2GGAMING” on LAZADA.

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  1. The Lazada page for this monitor says it has a TN panel, your review claims it uses MVA. Which of the two is the real answer?

  2. Hi R, at the time of review, the model that was sent to us had a specification as MVA. The price at the time was also over 14k. They probably changed the panel to offer the monitor at a far cheaper price.

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