Review – Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

A dual resolution monitor that supports native 2k/144Hz and 4k/60Hz

Monitor nowadays plays an important role in providing the best user experience when gaming either on PC, Console, or VR. So it’s not surprising to encounter brands that offer affordable listings with decent features that cost seducingly less compared to models from reputable ones.

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor. This monitor features a dual native resolution of 4k running at 60Hz refresh rate and 2k at 144Hz. It’s sold at an affordable price of ₱8,500 which is seemingly cheap considered that it is a 27-inch wide monitor that uses a VA panel with a rated response time of 5ms at 4k and 3ms at 2k gray to gray. Furthermore, it supports AMD FreeSync which is definitely a plus.

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K 60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor



  • Resolution/Refresh Rate/Response Time: 4k/60Hz/5ms and 1440p/144Hz/3ms
  • Panel Size: 27-Inches
  • Panel Type: VA
  • I/O: 2xHDMI 1.4, 1xHDMI 2.0, 1xDisplayPort 1.4, Power
  • Bezel: Thick Bezel
  • Screen Ratio: 16:9
  • Supports Picture in Picture and up to 4-way split-screen display.

Where to buy:

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor
Check Pricing on Lazada

Check Pricing on Shopee

Unboxing – Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

The packaging of the Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor is nothing special. It comes with a box that seems to use an OEM packaging design. All highlights are in Chinese text and the ones we can understand are the symbols and the only English text on the box.

There is nothing much else worth highlighting about the box since all sides have the same highlight and display.

Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

Out of the box, the monitor comes with a couple of accessories including the power brick, power cable, the center stand, and two pieces of HDMI cable. It is also worth noting that the second HDMI cable has different packaging and features a logo of the UGREEN brand.

Closer Look – Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

The Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor features a design similar to most gaming themed monitors. It has a center V stand that somewhat a bit small for the size of the monitor. Furthermore, the monitor has a thick bezel frame that may become a deal-breaker for some. Especially how most monitor on the market now comes with a bezeless frame design.

Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

The back of the monitor does not have anything special to feature. It does, however, show a solid body frame and a thin casing design. Also at the back, the specification sticker, as well as the navigation menu, is placed.

The monitor itself supports VESA mounting of 100mm by 100mm but do note that the monitor is a bit heavy than most monitors of this size. So it is best to consider your options if you plan to wall-mount this monitor.

Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

At the bottom left side, the navigation menu for the built-in monitor options can be found. It is pretty straightforward and we will take a closer look at the menu later on.

Performance – Bezel 27DM2X Gaming Monitor

In this section, we simply rate the monitor’s performance before and after calibration. Unfortunately, yours truly doesn’t have any form of color accuracy measuring tool such as Datacolor SpyderX PRO Colorimeter. However, considering the price and panel used for this monitor, it is simply not for professional use such as visual media editing and more.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Check

One of the most common issues that we encounter when it comes to affordable monitors is out of the box dead pixel issues. This is actually a common problem all throughout. Most especially when it comes to PC monitor brands that are not well known and offers cheaper prices than the ones found on the market.

Fortunately, the BEZEL 27DM2X doesn’t suffer from such issues. We tested the monitor using the one color screen test and tested all colors possible to see if there would be any pixel defects if there aren’t any dead issues.



The next test is the banding and clouding test. We are using a 256  interval gradient test to see if there will be any banding or clouding issue.

bezel 23dm2x pc gaming monitor 4k uhd 144hz 2k 1440p 60hz hdmi 2 (5)

So far, we only found minimal banding issues. Mostly on the darker side of the gradient. This is somewhat of an expected result given that this monitor uses a VA panel which provides excellent contrast but poor color accuracy.


bezel 23dm2x pc gaming monitor 4k uhd 144hz 2k 1440p 60hz hdmi 2 (6)

When it comes to our sharpness test, the monitor had no difficulty whatsoever. The brightness also had no issues and out of the box, the build-it defaults for the brightness setting is 80. This means that you can only add 20 more percent to the brightness level.

The Gamma, on the other hand, was above expectation. The monitor offers 5 presets for Gamma from 1.8 up to 2.6. This allows the monitor to further provide a better contrast value.

Viewing Angle

Next on our test is the viewing angle of the monitor.

The BEZEL 27DM2X seems to suffer color saturation when viewed at an angle at the top and at the bottom. From side to side, there were no issues. A high-quality VA panel doesn’t suffer from color saturation and contrast shifting when viewed at an angle. This indicates that this monitor uses either an entry-level of mid-tier VA panel. However, this is something that we expected. One way or the other, quality is set to be compromised for this monitor to be set at a competitive price.

Somehow, we think that this monitor is positioned at a point where the best value is offered for a fast refresh rate and larger native resolution.

Refresh Rate

bezel 23dm2x pc gaming monitor 4k uhd 144hz 2k 1440p 60hz hdmi 2 (11)

As we already mentioned above, one of the main key features of this monitor is its native support for 4k at 60hz and 2k at 144hz. We were able to achieve these settings using a DisplayPort cable and a graphics card that supports such settings, Vega 64 in this case. However, we’re having difficulties achieving 2k at 144hz setting using HDMI. For some reason, the refresh rate doesn’t seem to support it and the resolution is blurry. We can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong but it looks like it is best to use a DisplayPort cable for this monitor.


When it comes to overclocking the refresh rate of the monitor, well, it was a horrible experience. For one, the monitor doesn’t seem to like any sort of overclocking made to it. At 4k resolution, a small bump of 1Hz to the refresh rate causes frame skipping which indicates that the overclock is not stable. The same issue can be said for the 2k 144hz setup. So we don’t recommend overclocking this monitor at all.

Built-in Options Menu

Another feature that enables this monitor to have more value is its built-in functions. The built-in menu is rich with a number of options to configure it with. A couple of features that you won’t easily find from other monitors is multi-window support, dynamic luminous control, and AMD’s FreeSync.

Multi-Window Support

bezel 23dm2x pc gaming monitor 4k uhd 144hz 2k 1440p 60hz hdmi 2 (22)

The multi-window function is very handy and uses all ports for each display. You can use the monitor to display multiple inputs at the same time. It’s quite useful for those that need a large monitor for a high-end CCTV setup. Additionally, you can play console games while working on your PC desktop at the same time.

Dynamic Luminous Control

The Dynamic Luminious Control is a feature that adjusts the contrast level based on the image currently displayed. In other terms, this feature is also known as Dynamic Contrast.

Our Final Thoughts…

The BEZEL 27DM2X is a kind of monitor that is hard to place in any consideration when you see it for the first time. It’s marketed for gaming but by far it only has the basic necessities to be considered for gaming. It has, however, certain features that will make anyone interested once they learn of it.

At the get-go, it’s difficult to recommend this monitor given its design and features. You do get the goodness of 4k and the fast refresh rate standard nowadays of 144hz. However, you can’t have both set up at the same time. The good thing about this monitor is that it aims to raise the standard of an affordable monitor on the market by having dual native support of two different resolutions and functionality that you will rarely find on other monitors.

If you need a monitor that you can use with different inputs such as a PC, console, media player, and more, then this monitor is definitely for you. However, if you want an affordable monitor that’s excellent for gaming, then you might want to consider something else. Don’t get us wrong, if you can get this monitor for less than PHP8000, then this is a steal deal that no one must miss.

Where to buy:

Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor
Check Pricing on Lazada

Check Pricing on Shopee

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BEZEL 27DM2X Monitor

Value - 6
Functionality - 7.3
Features - 7
Pricing - 6
Design - 5
Quality - 6


Dual native resolution at a cost.

The BEZEL 23DM2X aims to provide a new set of standards in the PC monitor industry. However, doing has caused it to compromise important aspects and functionality of the monitor. As result, we find it difficult to recommend this monitor. If you can get this for less, then it's worth considering. Otherwise, there are other better options out there.

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