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Review – Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset

A4Tech Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset

a4tech bloody m660 moci hifi chronometer gaming headset 2


    • Speaker Unit: Φ40 mm
    • Impedance: 16 ± 20% Ω
    • Sensitivity: 102 dB ± 3 dB
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 KHz
  • Mic. Frequency Response: 75-16,000 Hz
  • Mic. Sensitivity: – 45 dB
  • Volume Control
  • Cable Material: 48-Core Copper Cable
  • Main Cable Plug Type: 3.5 mm Plug (Audio/Mic)
  • Main Cable Length: 130 CM
  • LED USB Cable Length: 100 CM
  • 3.5 mm PC Adaptor Cable Length: 100 CM


a4tech bloody m660 moci hifi chronometer gaming headset


Where to Buy

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Unboxing – A4Tech Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset

Bloody gaming peripherals by A4Tech is probably one of the most underrated brands in the PC industry. If you try asking someone to list their top 5 gaming headsets, there’s a high probability that they will not include nor mention anything about Bloody gaming headsets. The company might seem to be keeping a low profile in the gaming industry but if you check out their website, you will find numerous peripherals designed for gaming.

Fortunately today, we acquired what seems to be one of their “top of the line” non-surround sound headset, the Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset.


The headset is packed inside a stylish box with some chromium accent and highlighted features. The front of the box highlights the brand logo, the side of the headset, a brief introduction of MOCI technology, and model name, and a cut out that makes part of the headset visible inside the box.


The back of the box highlights a detailed illustration of the features of this headset.


An explanation about the headset’s dual mode is explained at the left side of the box. Stating that this headset can be used for either PC or Smartphones.


On the other side of the box, specification and features are highlighted. As well as a see-through of one of the headset’s side cup.


The company surely made use of every space of this box. At the bottom part of the box, the serial number, model number, barcode, country of origin, package content, system requirements, and its industrial certification are featured.


The M660 headset is packed and held inside the box by a hard plastic moulded to fit the headset’s shape. It also has a hard clear plastic covering the top part which we already removed.


The package also contains one manual user guide, 1-meter audio Y-converter braided cable for PC, and 1-meter LED USB braided cable.

Closer Look – A4Tech Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset


The M660 features a steampunk design with gears on its sides and continued on the headband. One thing we definitely notice is the gears attached on the headband. Headphones like this with thin metal design over the head tends to produce a tuning fork effect. The gears might be there to prevent it. At the back of the left ear cup, you’ll find the built-in wheel volume control.


The omnidirectional noise-cancelling microphone is fully adjustable and flexible. It also features a red LED at the end of it. Definitely adds up to its overall aesthetics.


Now the headband features a partitioned cushioned pads that allow this headset to fit any head size.


On the top of the headband is the two thin metal over the head frame of the headset. Then a bloody logo is engraved at the top of the headband itself.

Battery For Size Comparison

Next is the cushion ear pads. The ear pad leather is a “protein leatherette” that is pretty common nowadays. The leatherette seems to be very thin and a little too soft but comfort will definitely come down to individual preference


The cable of the Bloody M660 headset features an oxygen free-copper. It’s 1.3 meters long with a gold coating on the audio plug. The cables are quite flexible and stressing out the cables on casual use will not be an issue. Though we find that the length of all the cables combined for PC use might end up being an issue for some. I mean, the cable from the headset alone is already 1.3 meter. If you want to use this for OC, you are going to have to use the extra cables that are 1 meter both. So that’s about 2.3 meters of cable hanging around your table.


And last but not the least is using the headset with the USB LED power plugged in. Both sides lit up with bright orange light. The tip of the microphone also lits up in the same colour. The Bloody logo becomes more visible when the LED is on.

Performance – A4Tech Bloody M660 MOCI HiFi Gaming Headset

Testing Methodology


  • ASRock K4 Gaming Z270
  • Intel i7-6700k
  • G.Skill Ripjaws Z 16GB DDR4 Dual
  • NVIDIA GTX 970
  • Seasonic X-650 KM3
  • BEZEL 27M1800 144Hz Monitor
  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit

For the performance test, we will run a few self-tests to measure the overall performance of the headset. The tests will be as follows:

  • Noise Cancelling Test
    • Without Audio
    • With Audio
  • Microphone Test
    • Game Test
    • Chat Test
    • Recording Test
  • Audio Quality
    • Music Test
    • Gaming Test
    • Movie Test
      • (AAC)
      • (DTS)
      • (MP4)

Noise Cancelling Ear Cushion Pads

As the company claims, the headset features an XXL protein leatherette ear pads. The ear pads are designed to allow your skin to breathe and ensures ultimate comfort. They also claim that there will be no outside noise entering the headset and vice versa, the noise coming out from the headset while wearing it.


Without Sound

For this test, we wore the headset without any audio coming from it to test its audio cancelling feature. Unfortunately, I can still hear noises with noise levels of 40 decibels (DB). I can also hear the sound coming from my PC. The noise of the fans, as well as the noise while I’m typing which hits around 65 decibels, can also be heard clearly.

With Sound

For this test, we wore the headset with audio coming out from the headset. We played a few songs and music to test. With audio, the headset works well. I couldn’t hear any outside noise or sounds that are not coming from the headset itself but that’s to be expected. When there’s a louder noise around your ear area and is covered with ear cups, the tendency is that you will not hear anything from the outside. Even at the lowest volume of the headset, I still couldn’t hear any noise outside with 75 decibels sound level. Though at 80+ decibels, I can start hearing while wearing the headset with audio coming out from it.

Microphone Test

For this test, we will be testing the mic by using it for games and video chatting. Do take note that for this test, our internet speed is an Asynchronous 10Mbps and stable.


Gaming Test

Without any microphone enhancements, my teammates in-game are complaining that my voice is too far or too weak. This then resulted in difficulties in communication.

Video Chat Test

For this test, we video chatted with a couple of friends via Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat. The result ended up similar to the result of the gaming test. We received complains that our voice is either too far or too weak.

Recording Test

For this test, we recorded our voice using the microphone headset. (Please set your volume to highest to listen)

No Microphone Enhancement

+20DB Mic Enhancement

+30DB Mic Enhancement

Audio Quality



On PC, the overall audio quality of the headphone is great. However, it definitely lacks in the bass department. Clarity is there but it sounds like it’s below average. On my phone, Huawei P10, using the same songs and volume, the audio quality ends up being weaker. The audio produced is better when used with a PC.


For this test, we played games like Overwatch, DOTA2, Witcher 3, and The Division. After more than 50+ hours of usage, we find that the audio quality of the M660 is decent but not great. It lacks in certain aspects that are very important in video games. The loudness, the clarity, and the level of sound are there but it lacks a certain crispt that every audio aspect of an in-game ends up being subtle. The most crucial part is when playing FPS like Overwatch, I can hear footsteps, I can hear reloadings but I can’t pinpoint if it’s on my left or right. It lacks in the surround sound capability.

Movie Test

For this test, we watched Black Panther 2018 in three different audio formats, AAC, DTS, and MP3. This should generally represent all levels of audio quality from low to top of the line codecs.

bloody m660 gaming headset

(AAC): The audio is clear. The dialogues and effects are solid but it lacks punch in all aspects.

(DTS): The audio is clear and crisp but the headset can’t utilize the overall capability of DTS Codecs. The quality is very similar to AAC.

(MP4): In most cases, the audio quality is great. There’s not much to utilize or expect from an MP4 codec sound. The audio reproduction is above satisfactory however, it’s not as crisp as the first two results.

Final Thoughts…


When it comes to headsets, especially when it’s called gaming, the performance will come down to sound quality and overall clarity. The Bloody M660 MOCO HIFI Gaming Headset is a decent overall headset but the lack in other aspects is definitely noticeable. The first issue that bothers us the most is the microphone, a lot of improvement needs to be done. Given the result of our test, it felt like the company didn’t bother testing or properly designing it. It felt like they just simply placed a microphone to call it a complete headset.

Appearance wise the headset is not bad, the orange LED lights are really nice but the overall design seems to be leading towards steampunk lovers. In terms of build, it’s solid overall however, we found a few things that might prickle the consumer’s concern…

  • First is the ear pads, they seem too thin and its longevity can be an issue.
  • Second are the braided cables, they don’t give the feel of durability and they’re too soft and flimsy.
  • Last is the fitting and adjustments, the headset is as is. It doesn’t feature any head fitting adjustments. Though it may be the result of its top headband design. We still doubt that it is capable to fit all head sizes.

Functionality wise, the headset works but its performance will leave any enthusiasts a lot to be desired. Right now and as of this writing, this headset has a selling price of PHP2,500. At that price point, there are other better options out there. For us, the deal breaker here is the performance of the microphone. If the company could lower its selling price, then this headset will be good but as it is right now, other models in the market will outperform this headset for a much lower price.

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  1. I just bought the Headset earilier i love it the sound quality but it kinda disappoints me when it comes to the sound of the microphone i can’t really hear it when im recording , i need to shout just to hear my own voice i already adjust everything like the volume etc. still i love the product

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