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Review – Gigaware Motospeed K70 RGB Keyboard

Membrane keyboards with backlight LED have always been around and these keyboards surely got the RGB treatment first.

Gigaware Motospeed K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Gigaware Motospeed K70 RGB Keyboard


  • 7 LED colour backlight keyboard.
  • Soft Membrane.
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable feet.
  • 8 function keys.
  • Waterproof.
  • Made of ABS material.

Where to Buy: LAZADA Cash On Delivery – Yes


Unboxing – Gigaware Motospeed K70


The packaging of the Gigaware Motospeed K70 is stylish but simple. The style of packaging is quite common for keyboards. Nothing special to mention about the packaging other than the featured highlights. The front highlights the keyboards waterproof protection, backlight, and the 10 million click life of the silicon membrane.

On the back, it highlights the 6-Key rollover feature of the keyboard as well as its dimension of 441 by 146 by 22 mm. It also highlights its waterproof protection again and some other certifications.

The package doesn’t include accessories other than one pamphlet that doesn’t state anything because we can’t understand it.

Closer Look – Gigaware Motospeed K70

Gigaware Motospeed K70

The Gigaware Motospeed K70 is a stylish keyboard out of the box. It doesn’t feature much other than its waterproof protection, backlight, fn media keys, and other extra functions.

Since it’s a membrane, you can pretty much expect the typing performance. When used, the typing doesn’t make much sound at all and is silent. The typing experience and performance is not really the highlight of this keyboard.

Gigaware Motospeed K70

The back of the keyboard doesn’t say much either. It just features an adjustable angle feet and rubber feet. The back also highlights the voltage rating, some certification, and product model.

The back may seem to have a battery slot but it’s not. This is probably due to its OEM design. The design of the base is probably used by other keyboard models that are wireless thus the reason for having a battery slot carving.

Gigaware Motospeed K70

This is a closer look at the backlight and silicon membrane of the keyboard. The backlight appears to be beneath the housing. This is due to its waterproof design. The silicon membrane is of standard design and nothing much special to note from this.

Performance – Gigaware Motospeed K70

In terms of typing, it pretty much has the same feeling with all membrane keyboards on the market. The typing is soft and noise is very minimal. Coming from a mechanical keyboard, the feeling of typing on a membrane keyboard is not satisfying. It lacks the click performance and tactile feedback.

Gigaware Motospeed K70 RGB Keyboard

The backlight of the keyboard is of constant. You cannot change the backlight or set to a customization preference. The backlight is of rainbow design without any animation. Other than that, there isn’t anything much else worth noting for this keyboard. Given its price, it is more of an aesthetics budget oriented keyboard. Probably for those that want some colour on their keyboard for a small price.

Final Thoughts…

Gigaware Motospeed K70

The Gigaware Motospeed K70 keyboard is a decent membrane keyboard but that’s pretty much about it. The main selling point of this keyboard is its waterproof design, fn multimedia key functions, and its rainbow type RGB backlight setup.

What we liked about the Gigware Motospeed K70 is its simple but stylish design. The addition of waterproof protection is also a plus and the 7 backlight led colour definitely adds to the overall aesthetics.

What we did not like about the keyboard is its membrane keys, none customizable backlight, and its price. For the price of less than PHP800, this keyboard is probably too expensive for our taste. Given our wide experience of keyboards, we think that this keyboard should be priced at PHP600 to 700.

Overall, if you want a keyboard that has a good looking backlight and doesn’t care much about its performance but on a budget, then the Motospeed K70 is worth considering. Other than that, you might want to look for alternatives or squeeze out a few more to get something far better.

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