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Review – HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse

The HAVIT HV-MS794 Programmable Gaming Mouse is one of HAVIT’s first RGB gaming intended mouse under their Magic Eagle Gaming Series of peripherals. It features AVAGO 3050 Sensor, RGB Effects, and 7 programmable buttons. This buttons can be set as macros by using the downloadable driver.

This mouse is currently being sold for less than USD20. Despite an affordable price, it still comes with a packed full of features that will raise the bar for the standard of the entry-level gaming mouse.

HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse



  • 7 Programmable Buttons with Macro Setting
  • 12 Presetting RGB Backlit Modes
  • Professional Gaming Chip
  • 6 Levels of DPI Adjustable
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Compatibility
    • Supports Windows 2000/ME/XP/7/8/10/Vista system for programmable using, Mac/Linux for usual using (NOTE: the programmable function Not support for Mac & Linux)
  • Size: 130.4*71.6*41.6MM
  • Key Number: 7
  • Chip: A3050
  • DPI:
    • 500
    • 1000
    • 1500
    • 2000
    • 3000
    • 4000
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Voltage: 5V±10%
  • Current: 80mA(MAX)
  • Cable length: 1.8m

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Unboxing – HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse


The HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse exhibits similar packaging that majority of HAVIT products have. This packaging design is mostly their trademark and its something that really leaves a mark on the consumers. For us, from the packaging alone, we can already tell that this is from HAVIT.

Looking at the front and at the back of the packaging, it highlights the product origin, purpose and intent of the product, as well as the product brand, series, and logo.

The sides of the packaging also highlight the tagline of the mouse as well as the brand name.

Removing the black carton that holds the main packaging box reveals a red box. The red box doesn’t highlight much information either other than a small greeting from HAVIT as well as the logo of the brand series. The packaging feels durable and sturdy overall. It doesn’t feel cheap and it’s an eye candy.

Opening the red box reveals a black foam covering the top part of the mouse. The black foam is there to prevent any trivial damages that can occur to the mouse which is a nice touch from HAVIT. Taking a small detail like that into product value.


The packaging protects the mouse extremely well. Its overall design and quality exceeded our expectation given its affordable price. Despite the small packaging, HAVIT made sure that their product is protected and well valued. Showing that small details can be a crucial deal making factor for picky consumers.

Closer Look – HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse


The HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse features 7 programmable buttons. You can also set a macro to each button via the driver.

The mouse also features a gold-plated USB male connector as well as a 1.8-meter long braided cable with a velcro cable holder. Which is definitely a welcome addition too.

Looking at each side of the mouse reveals the overall materials used to create this mouse.


The left side of the mouse features two extra buttons that work as forward and backwards by default. It also features a leather-like grip holder for your thumb. It has a nice feeling when touched and the grip is very comfortable too. The two extra buttons are also easy to reach and that’s a plus.

The back features the series logo of HAVIT’s gaming peripherals.


Now looking at the right side of the mouse, it features a finger rest for your ring finger. No pinky finger rest though, which can be divisive. Nothing much else is featured on this side of the mouse.

The overall feel of the HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse is pretty decent. Not that great but not that bad either. After using the mouse for more than a week, I get this feeling that this mouse is intended for those that use “Claw” grip.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The mouse can easily be smugged with fingerprints and sweat dirt too by the looks of it over time.

Performance – HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse


The HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse features AVAGO A3050 optical sensor that is said to be designed for gaming. However, this sensor is an entry-level sensor that can peak at 4000DPI at most according to AVAGO and is also an old sensor that has been around since 2014. This sensor is also featured in most entry-level gaming mouse from other brands.


At 1080p to 1440p, we believe that 4000 DPI is by part enough for most casual gaming, however, we do not recommend this for highly intense and competitive gaming. Other than that, this mouse can do the job.

The grip and comfort are quite nice and decent too. Sweaty hands will not have a problem with this mouse but lefties will definitely find this mouse an inconvenience. Furthermore, the mouse is not resistive to fingerprints and sweat smugged thus it can get dirty easily.


The software driver of the HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse is one of the easiest and user-friendly software we have ever used for a mouse. Definitely a plus for overall value.


This is the main UI of the software driver. You can change the DPI of any of the 6 DPI default settings but you are limited to 6 colours for the LED indicator of each DPI profile.


The Lighting section enables you to control the RGB backlit effect and set to whichever mode that you find preferable.


The Mouse Parameter lets you control the sensitivity, pointer precision, scrolling speed, and double-click speed.


The lest option lets you change the polling rate of the mouse. Polling rate is the rate of your computer scanning and response to the movement of your mouse. The higher the rate, the better the performance.


This section of the software lets you set and control the macro configuration. Setting up a macro is easy thanks to its user-friendly software driver.

LED Effect Modes

The HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse features 12 kinds of RGB backlit modes including:

  • Colourful Streaming
  • Steady
  • Breathing
  • Tail
  • Neon
  • Colourful Steady
  • Flicker
  • Response
  • Streaming
  • Wave
  • Trailing
  • And Off Mode.

However, we tested all the modes and we can already conclude that the best-backlit mode is the default multi-colour flow. We were disappointed with the quality of colour of the LED for the other modes as well its poor animation control.

Furthermore, the logo and the scroll wheel doesn’t feature RGB lighting. Thus, you are limited to 6 different colours of the logo and scroll wheel.


So we did not bother showing all 12 modes. Instead, the video below exhibits the default backlit RGB mode which we think is the best mode for this mouse.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, the HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse is a decent mouse but not the best. One of its main selling points is its features for its price. For less than USD20, you can get a mouse that is designed for gaming and features an AVAGO 3050 sensor, RGB Backlit, and 7 programmable keys with a software driver support for your macro needs.

Performance wise, it’s a good mouse for those that have a need for gaming mouse performance but is a bad choice if you’re into intensive and competitive gaming. Since the sensor is limited to 4000 DPI only, that can be an issue for FPS competitive gaming where every millisecond matters.


Comfort and grip are very satisfactory as well as its quality overall. The ergonomic design and size is something that most people will love and appreciate especially gamers alike. The extra two buttons near the thumb section is definitely a welcome feature. However, the DPI buttons can be an issue if you wish to use them as macros. The DPI buttons are a bit on the far edge of the scroll wheel area making it slightly difficult to reach for my big hands.

The RGB backlit is on the disappointing side. The scroll wheel and the logo don’t feature RGB lighting and you’re pretty much limited to 6 colour selection. Furthermore, the RGB effect is not that great either. It’s not a 16.8M RGB colour so you should expect a Chroma like or a dazzling full-colour RGB from this mouse. But is to be expected given its price point.

Lastly, despite the lack and limitation of some features, the HAVIT HV-MS794 RGB Gaming Mouse is still a strong choice for a budget-wise gaming mouse. So as long as you can bear with the lack of full colour of its RGB backlit.

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