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Review – Zeus M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Zeus M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Bundle

Zeus M-710


Zeus M-710 Keyboard

  • Membrane Keyboard
  • Non-customizable backlighting.

Zeus M-710 Mouse


  • 2400 DPI
  • 2 extra programmable buttons
  • Optical Sensor
  • Braided cables




Closer Look (Zeus M-710 Keyboard)

ZEUS M-710

The keyboard itself looks okay overall. The design is not that disappointingly bad but you’ll know that it’s cheap from just looking at it. The whole keyboard body and keycaps are made from ABS material. Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) is a low cost engineered plastic that is easy to mold and fabricate. It is a material high impact resistance, strength, and stiffness.

One of the most noticeable thing from this keyboard and mouse bundle is the product name. To be honest, I have no idea why it is called Zeus. I know a brand that uses mythological greek gods name for their products but this one is not theirs. The craftsmanship feels cheap too.

If you look at the sales page of ZEUS M-710 on LAZADA, it says professional mechanical keyboard. Unfortunately, removing the keycaps reveals that the ZEUS M-710 it is not a mechanical keyboard. It’s a membrane type of keyboard. Why would sellers advertise this as a professional mechanical keyboard? Marketing gimmicks as usual. Never cease to amaze me.

And look at those horrible out of the line spray paint. Very messy.

One of the common features that this keyboard does not possess when compared to the usual keyboard and mouse bundle that you can buy from computer stores is the adjustable stand. I guess they replaced the stand with a non-customizable rainbow LED lighting or to simply cut down the cost. It shows that this keyboard is intended for those who wants to make their computer setup look cool somehow.

Lighting (ZEUS M-710 Keyboard)

The LED lighting of the ZEUS M-710 keyboard is not customizable. You get it as is. What you see on the product page is what you get. The LED backlight is not even a full spectrum RGB. The backlight only has green, red, and violet color. I guess it is to be expected for a PHP399 keyboard and mouse bundle.


Closer Look (Zeus M-710 Mouse)

Here’s a closer look at the bundled mouse of the ZEUS M-710 bundle.

The ZEUS M-710 mouse has that emboss matte finish feeling when you touch it. It feels nice and comfortable to grip on. Its ergonomic design gives you a comfort grip despite being a very cheap mouse. I think the design is ideal for a claw grip type of users.

This mouse boast a 2400 dpi, 2 extra customizable buttons, rugged rubber rollers for better scrolling grip, and a design based from Darth Vader of Star Wars.
Looking at the bottom side of the mouse, it says that the mouse is called 6D Gaming Mouse but it also has the M-710 marking on it. So let’s just call this the M-710 gaming mouse.The sensor that this mouse uses is an optical sensor. It also has 4

The sensor that this mouse uses is an optical sensor. It also has 4 Teflon feet and braided cables.

ZEUS M-710

Lighting (ZEUS M-710 Mouse)

Like the ZEUS M-710 keyboard, the M-710 mouse also features a non-customizable backlight design. Although, it has a breathing effect that changes color from red, blue, green, and violet.

Final Thoughts…

For the price of PHP399, you really should not expect so much from this bundle. The lower your expectation, the better appreciation you will have if ever you bought this bundle. I mean, the typical keyboard and mouse bundle that are under a well-known brand usually cost PHP499 from local computer stores and yet, you can get a backlit keyboard and mouse bundle for just PHP399. However, this is where the term “Gaming” doesn’t really count. They said that this is a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse with professional mechanical keys. Truly enough, we just showed you that not all product with the word gaming is of high-end quality.

Overall, if you need a very cheap but cool looking keyboard and mouse, then give this ZEUS M-710 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse bundle a try for jus PHP399. Do keep in mind that on LAZADA, there are different sellers selling this. So prices will vary but the ones we got are being sold and fufilled by LAZADA themselves.



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  1. sa gusto talaga nang mechanical keyboard kunin nyo yong Aula wings of Liberty (Gateron switch) or ang Gigaware Gaming K26 (Outemu switch) for mouse naman Zelotes T90 or Zelotes C12.

  2. help please .. ung mouse ko unrecognized device pag ni lalagay ko .. ung keyboard ayus

    nag google na din ako for possible solution etc.. pero wala gumana

    baka may driver installer kau for mouse salamat

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