ROG Gladius II Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Its not regular for ASUS to revamp or update its products because they always come up with newer products with some sort of twist or innovation. The ROG Gladius is an exception for the company because of its popularity. If you’re an ROG fan for quite a while, the name “Gladius” should strike as ROG’s most successful gaming mouse because of its ergonomic shape similar to the Razer DeathAdder and Logitech G603. The Gladius was praised for its ergonomic design but was quickly shelved due to its dated sensors and aesthetics. The ROG Gladius II then came to light equipped with a better sensor, RGB lighting and great Armoury-powered features. Months after the release of the mouse, wireless and/or light gaming mice became the trend which then urged Asus to deliver the ROG Gladius II Wireless.

Asus updated its packaging with the Gladius II Wireless now in a stealth ROG look compared to the previous brushed gunmetal design on the wired Gladius II. The back tells the same story with the exception of the chromatic finish on the model name compared to the ROG orange word art on the wired variant.

Just like the previous model, the ROG Gladius II wireless’ packaging with a flip cover that exposes the mouse extra features printed on the other side. Contents of the Gladius II Wireless are the same with the wired version except for the exclusion of the non-braided micro-USB cable which is replaced by the wireless receiver.

The ROG Gladius II Wireless can only be used in wireless mode. Connecting the micro-USB cable will only charge the mouse. Just like the previous model, the micro-USB end of the charging cable has a non-standard housing to fit the and snap in to the mouse perfectly when charging.

The ROG Gladius II Wireless has the same matte finish but uses a slightly darker color to blend with the side rubber grips. Lighting on the scroll wheel and logo remain unchanged. There is also a pair of extra Omron switches that have a different actuation from the ones installed on the Gladius II Wireless.

The thumb button or the “sniping” button has been removed on the Gladius II Wireless. The left side now features a full length concaved side grip for the thumb to rest on. Unfortunately, not all micro-USB cables are able to charge the Gladius II Wireless due to the shape of the socket that allows the original charging cable to easily snap and supports quick release.


ASUS’ Armoury II software controls the Gladius II Wireless’ settings and profiles. Like other ROG peripherals, the Armoury software lets you save up to 3 profiles on the Gladius II wireless. Each button is remappable to do mouse, keyboard, media or macro functions. It has the same set of functions found on the wired Gladius II with the additional POWER tab that monitors battery life. Do note that the Armoury II software only works the Gladius II Wireless is connected via 2.4Ghz receiver and not on Bluetooth.


ROG Gladius II Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

The trend for gaming mice in 2019, is applying a seemless, lag-free wireless implementation which is leaded by Logitech, and then there’s the race for the lightest gaming mouse led by Finalmouse and Glorious. ASUS on the otherhand, explores functionality and convenience. The ROG Gladius II Wireless is a tweaked formula of the ergonomic Gladius II. The removal of the Sniper button makes the mouse easier to grip, a trade-off that doesn’t break the mouse. The debate of whether to get the Wireless and Wired version all depend on the functionality. The original Gladius II mouse is a heavy mouse weighing 110 grams while the Gladius II wireless weighs 130 grams. Cable drag is not an issue on the Gladius II since the weight of the mouse already forces you to make exert more effort in flicks and 360 no-scopes. The additional 20 grams is due to the 800mAh battery paired with the bluetooth and 2.4Ghz receivers, making it the second heaviest mouse we’ve reviewed so far.

The weight of the Gladius II Wireless is certainly not aimed for professional gamers despite having useful features such as button response and angle snapping. What it offers is a one mouse solution thanks to its dual connection support. The ability to have one mouse for work and gaming is a cost and space saver thanks to the dual connection, gaming features and on-board software. The hefty Php 6,500 pricetag of the Gladius II Wireless is just Php 1,000 above the highly versatile and feature rich ROG Spatha mouse. A Php 2,000 price premium compared to the wired Gladius II might be expensive for wireless functionality, but is worth it as a single work-gaming mouse solution with its main highlight being its extremely ergonomic design albeit, heavier than usual.

The ROG Gladius II Wireless Gaming Mouse sports a 2-year warranty. We give it our Silver Award!

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