Advances in Mobile Gaming Tech: How Do They Influence our Desire to Own the Latest Smartphones?

Gaming technology has come a long in the past two decades. When mobile phones crept into society back in the 90s, we were content enough playing Snake on those iconic Nokia handsets; a game that consisted as a simple on screen which grew longer as you progressed through the game. As time progressed, so did mobile phones, eventually evolving into the impressive, high-tech, all-encompassing smartphone that many of us own today. The evolution of games technology has indeed had an effect; with some going as far as spending money on different brands of smartphones in order to find their preferred software and functions for playing their favourite mobile games.

The gaming industry has grown at an incredible rate and continues to do so. Every now and then, a game comes along that stands out from the crowd and­­ attracts millions of players from across the globe: Candy Crush, Temple Run, Pokemon Go and pay by phone Slots & games, for instance, are just a few examples of games which have taken the industry by storm. However, when computer games evolve, so can the demand for resources, especially for mobile games.

As gaming technology continues to advance, the increasing demand for improved smartphones becomes greater. How, exactly, does evolution of gaming technology influence our choices when it comes to owning a new phone?


Greater Graphics

For many people, the quality of the graphics of a smartphone interface is a hugely important factor when it comes to their phone upgrade. Crisp images and a decent refresh rate have become ‘must-haves’, with phones such as the iPhone X scoring highly amongst gamers for its 60hz screen refresh rate OLED display. And it makes complete sense; after all, who wants to play a state-of-the-art computer game on a dull, slow and lagging screen?

Storage Space

Whether internal or external, expansive storage space is crucial for a serious gamer. Good quality games with heavy graphics take up a pretty significant chunk of memory storage. Some games take up as much as 1.5GB of phone storage for installation alone, which, when you consider that most users also store thousands of photos, videos, documents and apps   on their phones also, is a lot of space for one game to take up.

Long-lasting Battery Life

The battery power of a smartphone is increasingly becoming an important factor for shoppers. A battery that dies quickly is obviously not the preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts, as there could be nothing more frustrating than your phone shutting off before you finish your game, right? As a result, most consumers are now in search of a smartphone with a powerful and long-lasting battery. Low battery specifications will still provide a usable phone, but you may soon become frustrated with it, so it’s always worth comparing the specs.

Screen Size

In general, screen sizes of smartphones have increased over the years. After all, how can we truly appreciate incredible gaming graphics from a tiny screen? The iPhone 11, for instance, has a large screen at 5.8 inches (diagonal), showcasing an amazing all-screen OLED multi-touch display. As a result, we have less need for our tablets, and more of us are opting to play our favourite games from our impressively large smartphone displays.

Sharing is Caring

One of the benefits of gameplay from your mobile phone is that you can share your progress with friends and fellow gamers. At the touch of a button, your results can be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any social media sites.  Gain tips from others, or simply bask in the glory of your gaming success!

Final Thoughts

Whilst we don’t encourage you to blow your savings on the latest smartphone to have been released so that you can enjoy gaming to the max, there’s no denying that with the growth of games technology comes the demand for improved phone technology. As is inevitable, today’s hot product will also be old news in a few months, making way for a shinier, newer release. But when you are ready to upgrade, it’s worth considering the above to ensure you can enjoy the best mobile gaming experience within your budget.

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