How to Track an iPhone by Number Effectively?

The audacity of an iPhone user that comes with the fact that iOS is nearly impossible to track no longer exists. It is a thing of the past now when an iPhone user used to brag that the gadget is not vulnerable.

But, in 2020, the world is aware of some of the most inventive ways that can help you to track every movement of an iPhone without bearing zero risks. 

In this article, you’re going to spell beans on one such easy and effective way to track an iPhone using a phone number. As it has been already tried and tested by millions, you can trust it blindly. 


So, without wasting any more time, let’s explore every bit of it. 

Spyic – One Of The Most Powerful iPhone Trackers that Anyone Could Ever Asked For 

Spyic solution is more than a remote phone monitoring app. It’s the invention of the century as it has changed the face of iPhone spying at various fronts.

While half of the world thought that iPhone tracking is not possible and the rest half was struggling hard with jailbreaking, Spyic showed up as a ray of hope to all. 

By using a highly inventive and advanced iPhone spying technology, Spyic has shown the world that tracking iPhone by number is not only easy but 100% risk-free.

This is why many leading media houses have also appreciated its performance. Once you read the rest of the write-up, you will be able to find out how Spyic achieved it. 

Spyic is built by best of mind 

When some of the highly passionate and skilled minds worked together, Spyic came into being. Its developers were adamant that they will offer the world an iPhone spying way which has nothing to do with jailbreak. 

Though jailbreak will help you to track an iPhone, it endows you with many unwanted risks. Spyic’s developer doesn’t want to offer these risks to their customers. Thus, they did extensive research and were able to: 

  • Offer jailbreak-free iPhone spying 
  • Keep the data security intact as Spyic doesn’t save data on the server 
  • Keep your motives hidden as Spyic’s technology works 100% discreetly

Spyic makes iPhone spying everyone’s cup of tea  

Spyic is a 100% browser-based solution. This means there is no involvement of the targeted device and it can operate using any browser. You don’t have to get involved in lengthy and time-taking download and installation. 

Just a simple login will help you spy on someone else’s iPhone. The world never thought that iPhone spying can be that easy. 

It offers the most comprehensive iPhone tracking facility 

A lot can be done using an iPhone and if you aim to track the iPhone with full reliability then you have to find a solution that can track all activities that can be done using an iPhone. Spyic is a comprehensive iPhone tracker that can keep tabs on around 35+ phone activities. 

Call history, SMSs, live location, web-browser history, social media accounts, SIM details, and whatever other possible activity that can be done using an iPhone can be monitored and tracked using Spyic. 

In short, if you have it by your side, there is nothing to be worried about and this makes Spyic far better and advanced from the rest of the solutions. 

Few more features of Spyic 

  • Its iPhone keylogger can record every keystroke movement made on the targeted device without letting anyone know about it. 
  • Its dashboard is compatible with all kinds of devices and browsers. So, you can access it from anywhere. 
  • Every data is delivered directly on your dashboard. This reduces the chances of any manipulation of data. 
  • Its services are very cost-effective. You can avail its services for one whole month at a mere cost of $10 per month. 

What do you need to track an iPhone with Spyic? 

Spyic demands very little from its end-users to endow them with its impeccable services. You don’t need to have some special hardware/software or skills to bring it into action. You just need: 

Valid iCloud details 

You need this detail to allow Spyic’s technology to get synced with the targeted person’s iCloud. iCloud is a centralized cloud storage facility that every iPhone user uses to store data. Using its credentials, Spyic’s technology starts fetching data for you. 

Any data-driven device

You need to have any data-driven device like laptop, PC, or mobile phone to access your user account and Spyic’s dashboard. Any brand and any OS are good enough for the job. 

A compatible browser

Google, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Bing, whatever browser you use will be needed for Spyic. 

An active internet connection

That’s the last thing that you need to start using Spyic!

From the above list, you can clearly find out that there are no complex requirements that Spyic put forward to you. All are very basic and are easily accessible. In fact, the majority of people will already have them. So, you can start using it without any hassles and risks. 

How reliable is Spyic? 

Well, Spyic has no match when it comes to reliability. Its inventive technology is capable of fetching real-time data. As every data comes with timestamps, you can verify it easily. 

iPhone tracking using Spyic is far easier than using the iPhone itself. iPhone users take time to gain hands-on experience with it. But, Spyic can be at work in three simple steps. 

Step 1 – Grab your email ID and login for free on Spyic’s website. 

Step 2 – Purchase the right subscription package and get started with tracking. To begin with it, choose ‘iPhone’ as a targeted device type.

Step 3 Enter the targeted account’s iCloud details. Wait for a few seconds till the time Spyic’s technology syncs with the targeted device’s iCloud. 

Step 4 – Access Spyic dashboard and you can see the live data rendering over there. From the left side of the dashboard, you can pick any activity that you want to track.  

Voila! It’s done. 

Track an iPhone with no hassles

Spyic has firmed our belief in the saying ‘Nothing is impossible’. 

Offering a very easy and cost-effective way to track on the iPhone, it has helped many have a good night’s sleep. So, if you also wanted to track an iPhone but were too afraid or apprehensive, just try using Spyic. All your worries will vanish away. 

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