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And here I was thinking this would never materialize but lo an behold: Noctua’s HOME product line of accessories so you can use their fans for other things than… well, cooling your PC. Read on to find out more about this new direction from Noctua.

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Direct-die cooling seems to be picking up steam once again as EK WB is prepping a modern batch of direct-die water blocks for both Intel (LGA1700 ded socket lol) and AMD (AM5). As a very disgruntled owner of the original batch, this is disappointing as the original was universally panned for various issues and many users had to receive replacements to get things to work. Mine had very weak mounting screws.

EK WB says they took all those learnings and are now releasing these news blocks with a totally new design. I’ll wait for next-gen though, but you can read on for more details.

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