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Credit where credit is due, MSI managed to liven-up their laptop showcase for #COMPUTEX2023 with this collaboration and capping that week off with a double podium finish by Mercedes-AMG on COMPUTEX week’s concurrent Spanish grand prix surely does help lift this collab effort up. Looking forward to checking this out in person if we end up with a review sample either from MSI or a few of our friends who have been bugging me non-stop for availability info.

Once you get over the JRPG element of grinding for credits and over-upgrading your car so you can finally by able to earn enough credit to buy that true racing car you wanted to start another cycle of races, connecting all these is Sony and Polyphony’s dream of the de facto Playstation simracer, and Gran Turismo 7 manages to pull off a decent experience, one that’s sure to bring back old players and bring new ones alike