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Meta Threads eSports Apparel and Jersey Shop Review

UPDATE: August 2018

So it’s been a while since we updated this article and since then, we’ve ordered numerous items of Meta Threads. I’ve noted how extremely long it took to get our first order from Meta Threads maybe because of production issues which seems to plague them all the time. After more than a year of placing numerous order as well as backing their LVL-3 backpack campaign on KickStarter. That project itself, despite how successful the funding was, also was met with delays. During this time we also made a couple of orders for some new shirts and jerseys. Two of them were happily on time but this recent order we made was just horrible, as was the same with our ROGxMeta jersey order.

The ROGxMeta jersey we ordered was placed August 31, 2017. A production period of 7-14 days is a staple on the Meta Threads website but still, their shipped the product at September 21, 2017. As I was planning to use this on an event, I had plenty of time but to make sure it arrived fast I went with the most expensive shipping option, 35$ 2-day shipping via Fedex. It did arrive within the amount of time I paid for, but production leadtime just didn’t meet my expected timeframe which was really disappointing.


After that, another order was placed which didn’t come with a tracking #. I made a follow up on this which didn’t get a reply until 4 days later. That was on April.

Last May 26, 2018 I made another order which again promised 10-14 days production lead time. Given that these were just tees, they did ship them out quickly after 3 days. After was just a nightmare. A shipping notice was emailed on May 30, 2018. Knowing it was USPS International, I gave it a few days to update but nope, their tracking link said it was an error. Nearly 3 months later, with five emails, a DM and countless comments in Twitter, I finally get a reply from their support team. This is after no reply was given to my inquiry about tracking status. I have a hook-up in customs which helped me track the item and up until late July, it wasn’t in the Philippines yet. August 7, 2018, Meta Threads support replied and said the tracking was correct and lo and behold, their tracking link now works and if they weren’t lying, then the tracking system must be because the tracking link shows shipment was put out August 2, 2018.


I’m tweeting to Meta Threads and see what’s up first before I proceed on any further. But with all the trust and love I put into this company, they never seem to be able to fix their shit unless its for a known influencer, pro player or some live event. Very disappointed in you, Meta Threads.

We’ve noted in one of our apparel shopping guides about the company that makes the jerseys for Team Secret and many other esports team and we tried our hand on ordering merchandise from Meta Threads and this article will be covering our experience with the store but first up let’s take a look at the product.


Fabric quality is undoubtly top-notch and while we’ve seen much better fabrics from NBA and NFL merch, when it comes to eSports this is certainly way up there. Comparing it with the Fnatic jersey sold by ESL, Meta Threads has the better fabric.


Print quality is excellent and is sharp. There are no blurred edges and lines are crisp.


One of the cool thing about this jersey design is the subtle fractal prints on the fabric which really gives it a really detailed look versus flat jersey color fabrics.


The overlapping collar is a nice touch and the print is certainly a nice touch and a nice way for Meta Threads to show off their brand.


Despite the good things about this jersey, there are some points worth noting including this bad stitch on the back of the neck area. Its nothing major but certainly something that could lead to the whole collar unraveling if it were worse.

We’re really happy with Meta Threads’ products but ultimately its their service that really disappointed us with this experience. April 27, 2016 and as you can see in this Fedex tracking link, our shipment arrived June 20, 2016. That is almost 2 months versus the stated 10-14 days mentioned in their website. We’ve kept our patience during the wait but we’re really disappointed because we didn’t get to have this jerseys during Manila Majors.

Another disappointment is the lack of concurrence that Meta Threads has with their customers. We exchanged emails and tweets with Meta Threads but it was more of apologies rather than actions and despite the fact that we’ve mentioned that our orders placed for a while now, they’re still more keen on apologizing and stating that they’re busy.

We understand that there might be factors that are affecting production over at Meta Threads but when you’re promoting your brand at local events carrying a lot of items, saying you’re busy is ultimately a question of when they’ll be shipping our order but rather when are they making them. Apparently, we’re not only ones with this problem.

Another issue that arises from this lack of concurrence is the shipping method. We appreciate Meta Threads putting our shipment into fast-track and sending via Fedex but this gave us more problems than good. Fedex charged us an insane Php4,231 (around $100) in duties. It was stated that they’d ship via USPS and we would have preferred that due to issues like this. I know Meta Threads meant good but simple communication with customers would have helped avoid things like this. This might be nitpicking, but the jerseys weren’t even in plastic pouches when they arrived. All 3 of our jerseys were crammed in a Fedex envelope without any protective packaging.

Our experience with DesignByHumans had us wait around 2 months for our order, but those things shipped 3 days after placing our order. DBH was nice enough to keep us updated when we filed a report regarding lost shipment and was nice enough to also resend the order regardless of the postal status. In Meta Threads case, our orders shipped around 45 days after placing an order and despite the good intention with upgrading our shipping option, it only gave us more problems with duties and taxes. I’m aware that’s already outside Meta Threads’ concerns but as stated, we chose USPS shipping solely because it would save us the trouble of being overcharged with duties and taxes.

We give Meta Threads mad props for their lovely product but service really needs improvement. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the US or not, Meta Thread’s production is the bottleneck here not shipping. Would we buy again from Meta Threads? Yes, but only on a physical store or live event.

Editor’s note: we did end up buying from them again but its always been a gamble of whether or not you’ll get what you ordered on time but there’ll always be hitches. That’s 100% guaranteed from our experience already.

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