P-Bandai Master Grades Zeta Plus A1 (Unicorn Ver) and Geara Doga (Unicorn Ver)

Bandai’s releasing new Master Grades. Well, actually, they’re re-releasing old Master Grades graced with the tag “Unicorn version” to coincide with their ongoing RE: 0096 anime.

MSZ-006A1 Zeta Plus (Unicorn Ver) and the Geara Doga (Unicorn Ver) are being offered as online exclusives. The base Geara Doga – which was based from the one seen in Char’s Counterattack – is a fairly recent release while the Zeta Plus is pretty ancient by Gunpla standards.

The MSZ-006A1 is a mobile suit developed from the Zeta Gundam by Anaheim Electronics. It was first released in the Master Grade line in Amuro Ray colors. It was featured in the Gundam Sentinel and its first animated appearance was in the Gundam Unicorn OVA.


The Geara Doga as a suit has an interesting life. It saw battle in the Second Neo-Zeon War and is still being used by The Sleeves in the unicorn story (which takes place three years after).


It’s still a mystery as to why Bandai chose to re-release these two in updated colors instead of making a brand new kit to market alongside the Unicorn series. But hey, any release is fine in a line whose priority level seems to have been bumped down considerably.