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I'm an anime casual.

Anime & Manga

If you are a dressmaker, a crafter, a cosplayer and the like, you can find inspiration in "Smile Down the Runway." I recommend this...

Anime & Manga

Time for some nostalgia. The series' continuation showed the full finished production of Blessing Software's first indie visual novel, which captivated those who played...

Anime & Manga

Stella no Mahou, an addition to the yet-increasing library of cute girls doing cute things, serves itself well to cap off the year with...

Anime & Manga

Overall, New Game! is a great watch - it gives the same vibe as SHIROBAKO with its work environment, and it sheds light on...

Anime & Manga

"Lots of brands have been mentioned in the series - from Japan's four motorbike manufacturers (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha) to manufacturers of motorcycle...

Anime & Manga

"I honestly do not want to recommend Shomin Sample, but it's hard not to resist. I said earlier that its lack of common sense...

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