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Back2Gaming is a leading, professional publication that specializes in reviews. If you want to have your product or service featured kindly contact bo*****@ba*********.com

We are also open for partnerships, collaborations and advertising opportunities.

For our readers, you can send us your tips, ideas, requests, and suggestions and we look forward to hearing them.

Back2Gaming is located in Tondo, Manila, Philippines.

Email: bo*****@ba*********.com

NOTE: Only communicate with BossMac for business opportunities. Any agreement and concurrence with other individuals outside of the organization will not be our responsibility.

Why work with Back2Gaming?

Back2Gaming Testing Platform
A sample image of the kind of complex texting equipment we utilize in our hardware reviews.

Back2Gaming is owned and operated by BossMac Suba: a veteran of enterprise IT primarily service-oriented solutions aimed to streamline and optimize company IT operations to scale with their budgets. BossMac’s personal passion for computer hardware plus his professional understanding of the need to communicate the key ideas between products and the needs of the consumers puts BossMac and Back2Gaming at the helm of consumer DIY PC product review. If you’re a company that deals mostly with technology, PC, and similar content, we can definitely work with you. Contact Back2Gaming now!

How Reliable is Back2Gaming

Due to the sheer volume of review requests and the technical depth that we provide, our review process is sometimes measured in weeks. Talk to us about an optimal schedule so we can meet your timeline for publishing. Back2Gaming is capable of covering any PC-related topics including PC hardware including components such as motherboards, RAM, graphics cards, coolers and storage devices. We can also create video content for you. You can check out the Back2Gaming Youtube channel to see some of our videos which are also shared on the Back2Gaming Facebook page.

We do daily live videos in a podcast news format to share and discuss with our readers current events in the PC industry as well.

Who Has Back2Gaming Worked With

Back2Gaming has collaborated with many brands throughout the years including gaming publishers, PC hardware brands and retail partners. Back2Gaming has earned significant good faith as well as a respectable reputation from both fans and marketing practitioners for the extremely high quality of data involved in our process. Work with us now, contact Back2Gaming so we can get started. Be part of the list of companies that Back2Gaming has worked with:

  • Intel
  • ASUS
  • AMD
  • G.Skill
  • Samsung
  • Palit

… and many others. We thank everyone that we’ve worked with.

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Contact Back2Gaming