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About Back2Gaming

With over 10 years of publication history, Back2Gaming is all about technology powering PC gaming. Providing tech news and reviews for the PC and gaming enthusiast community, Back2Gaming is often cited as the best gaming and tech blog in the Philippines and we humbly accept the responsibility of maintaining the high standard that made Back2Gaming the best.

The website covers the gaming scene with an emphasis on gaming, PC DIY, system building, system optimization and reviews. Back2Gaming provides news and updates for it’s readers with an emphasis on real talk that only B2G can offer and still provide not only useful information but insightful thoughts and opinions on video game related topics.

Back2Gaming is based in Manila, Philippines  and primarily focuses on PC hardware, gaming consoles and games.

About Back2Gaming - tech blog in the philippines

Best Gaming & Tech Website in the Philippines: Awards and Accolades

As the PC and gaming landscape has changed over the years, Back2Gaming’s approach has adapted and evolved with the market garnering recognition throughout the years. Despite all this, it is through our community where we find the most recognition and I thank everyone that supports us.

  • Best Hobbies and Recreation Blog – Winner, Philippine Blog Awards
  • Best Video Game Blog – Winner, Philippine Blog Awards
  • Best Tech Site – Globe Telecom TattAwards (nominated)
  • Best Technology and Internet Blog Winner, Bloggys Award
  • Top Blogs in Tech – iBuyPower
  • Top Gaming Blog – Frugal Dad

Together we strive to be the best gaming tech blog in the Philippines and the world.

The Head of the Table

BossMac Suba is the owner and voice of Back2Gaming. A 10-year veteran of business IT, BossMac has shifted his focus in developing solutions for companies and presenting the best solutions to business to presenting and assessing solutions and products for the average consumers via Back2Gaming, the most reliable PC tech blog in the Philippines.

For all news, business and advertising concern, please contact BossMac at bo*****@ba*********.com

Best Gaming & Tech Website in the Philippines - Back2Gaming's Owner

Back2Gaming: A Brief History

Back2Gaming started as a personal blog covering daily gaming activities and sharing it to the world. Back2Gaming, lovingly referred to as B2G for short, was built on a tiny community of gamers that share the same interest, regardless of platform: whether console, handheld, mobile or PC.

Founded by a group of friends united with a common love of gaming, that love spans other genres which contributed to Back2Gaming’s content scope including games as well as other hobbies. BossMac’s backend role developed into a full-time position in 2011 as he took over Back2Gaming as its owner and has steered the site into the most advanced tech blog and media publication in the Philippines.

Over a decade later, many of our peers have come and gone in this space and we wish them well but Back2Gaming endures as this is passion in action. Love for gaming and love for the hardware that makes it happen. Now. Then. Forever.

The Team

Internal Team



Back2Gaming currently operates under contributor collaboration with other writers.