Destiny 2 Players Fed Up With Cheaters

Destiny 2 has become one of the hottest multiplayer games on the planet. People around the world enjoy playing this massively popular online game with their friends and family members. While the game has proven to be a commercial success, it is overwhelmed by one problem and that happens to be cheaters. Unfortunately, cheating is a major problem for the computer version of Destiny 2. This problem was amplified when the game was switched to Steam. And, it has only gotten worse with the recent release of Trials. Players are taking advantage of cheats like these Undetected Destiny 2 hacks and it is getting to be too much for some players.

Unfortunately, these cheaters are ruining the game’s player-versus-player system. It has gotten out of control and some high-profile players are calling it quits.

Players Quitting

Several high-profile players have decided to hang up the controller and leave Destiny 2 behind. Mtashed is among those players. This top player and popular YouTube creator ran into a lot of cheaters and error codes. While he has been a big fan of the game, he has had enough. He announced on Twitter that he was done with Destiny 2 until the game was patched. He said that he played fewer games without cheaters and disconnects than games with cheaters and disconnections.

Tom Warren has also decided to quit. This is a big blow for the franchise since Warren serves as the senior editor of The Verge. Warren criticized the game saying it was in a “terrible state right now”.

Bungie Speaks Out

With so many players leaving Destiny 2, Bungie needs to do something about it. The company announced the latest security concerns but some say it hasn’t done enough. Some suspect that the game doesn’t have an anti-cheating system but this has been refuted by Community Manager DMG. Still, many players do not believe it. Players argue that Bungie can’t compete with Valorant in this area. With Valorant, the anti-cheating system is active at all times.

Furthermore, Bungie has done nothing to stop players with VAC bands from participating in the Trials features. Unfortunately, making D2 available for free on Steam has opened a new can of worms for Bungie and Destiny’s die-hard fans.

Closer Monitoring And More Player Complaints

After numerous reports of cheating, Bungie decided to step up its security measures. The update will allow the firm’s security team to focus more on cheat complaints. Unfortunately, it is impossible to catch every cheater but with better security enforcement, Bungie will have more insight into which players are actually cheating.

Cheating is an issue with all video games. However, Destiny received more complaints than other video game developers have reported in the past. Players who follow the rules tend to fall behind because of cheaters.

When cheating goes undetected, it impacts all players. Bungie is asking players to report suspicious behavior by players directly through its “in-game reporting system. This is just one step toward eliminating cheaters once and for all.

The Bungie security team works around the clock overseeing suspicious behavior complaints from players. This is a web-based system that allows players to report all suspicious behavior during matches to the security team.

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