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New Destiny 2 Add-On: What to Expect

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Achieving new milestones, Bungie has released Destiny 2: Beyond Light on 10th November 2020. The gamers will be treated with a lot more mystery and thrill in this version than the older ones. Creators have placed close attention to detail in this release and have worked immensely on the graphics and content of the game. It will also most seem as if the original Destiny 2 game has taken a rebirth.

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What Is Destiny 2?

With 3 expansions since its inception, Destiny 2 has gained a lot of gamer attention from all over the world. Destiny is an online-only 1st person shooter F2P multiplayer video game, which is designed by Bungie. This American game developer company has ensured to keep its fans engaged by coming up with new versions and upgrades every year.

The game can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs, making it easily accessible for all types of gamers. It’s the latest expansion, or Beyond Light, which is said to provide a base story for Bungie’s upcoming games. The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Both these projects are under development and will be released in a 1-year gap, just like every other Bungie-Destiny game.

New Additions in Destiny 2 “Beyond Light”

Revolving around a fight between the Light & the Dark, Destiny 2: Beyond Light will help the gamers uncover more mysteries about the land. With added features and characters, the gameplay has become easier, especially in the multiplayer section. These valuable additions and improvements will make gaming interactive for the players.

Rise of the Dark Power: The Stasis

If you have played the older versions of Destiny 2 before, then you would know about the mysterious and frozen moon of Jupiter. There are many stories about its past that have been kept hidden from the players.

However, in this expansion, gamers will have an opportunity to harness the true potential of a dark elemental power of Europa, Stasis. Players will be backed by an Exo Stranger, who will help them in mastering their control over the power. This will help them defeat Eramis, the Kell of Darkness, who will use the Stasis to awaken her Fallen Forces.

Introducing Guardian Subclasses

To become a master on Stasis, gamers will be introduced to new Guardian subclasses. The Titans will have Behemoths, who will be trained to use a weapon that can be smashed on the ground to send a freeze wave that can immobilize the enemy. At the same time, the Warlocks will have Shadebinders, who will have the ability to freeze the enemies and break their attacks. Lastly, Hunters will have Revenants, subclasses with a boomerang-like weapon that can freeze the enemies.

Return of the Cosmodrome

Cosmodrome has made a comeback in this version. Gamers who have played the first expansion of Destiny 2 would recognize this place easily. It is where the guardians, or the players, are introduced with the little backstory of the game. Here, they can customize their character according to their preference.

They also meet Shaw Han, who assists the players in the initial stages to win bounties and quests. The developers have not made significant changes in the map and the layout for Cosmodrome. This has made navigation and winning quests easier for the players.

Enjoy the Patrols

Many players have mentioned that patrols are quite consistent and boring in the Shadowkeep. Therefore, the creators have worked on making these more engaging and interactive. Gamers will receive short tasks, like killing the enemies in a certain way or collecting items from a certain enemy type. The developers are aiming at making this expansion more distinct and fun for the players.

Quests on the Moon

Just like Cosmodrome, players will also have to journey to the moon to finish additional quests. Bungie has provided the gamers with an opportunity to perform short tasks, challenges, and grind on various locations on the moon.

Players can use this chance to improve their skills, increase their kills, and learn to use a weapon. This will give them extra experience and knowledge of playing the game in other locations.

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Destiny 2 has made a remarkable comeback, getting all eyes of the global audience on its launch and release. The creators have made significant changes to the graphics and even on the gambit, making it stand out from all other online multiplayer games.

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