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The Best Multiplayer Games For You And Your Friends

We know, video games are the definition of fun. But what is even better? Playing with your friends.

The Best Multiplayer Games For You And Your Friends -

We know, video games are the definition of fun. But what is even better? Playing with your friends. The people who invented multiplayer games must have been geniuses, as it is a great way to spend some time online with your best pals and have an amazing time together. Not only is it easier to level up when you are working in a team, but the relationships between all of you start to become even stronger when you have to solve all kinds of tasks and mysteries together.

Whether your group of friends prefers something a little less complicated, like blackjack online, or something more strategic, like Counter Strike, we have a solution for everyone.

Among Us

The game that took 2020 by storm and even created friendships all around the world. It has lost some popularity recently, but, if you somehow did not try to play it yet, we highly recommend it. It will definitely test the boundaries of your friendship, as it will pit you against each other while you try to figure out which one is the impostor.

Basically, the whole game takes place on a spaceship, with the players in the roles of crewmates, dressed in multicolored space suits. Everyone will work together trying to fulfill their tasks as soon as possible, but the impostor (or impostors, depending on the number of players) will actively try to sabotage and even kill without being recognized. The crewmates must be on alert  trying to figure out who the impostor is and voting him out. It will make everyone uneasy, but it will also end up being very funny when you can not correctly identify the ”sus” player.

Dead by Daylight

Are you a group of horror movies fans? Well, this game might be just perfect for you. A killer is pitted against a squad of survivors who try to escape their clutches. You can choose which ”team” you want to be a part of. Either a killer (represented by Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, or others) that has access to all kinds of powerful weapons), or a survivor, who has a limited amount of passive skills and a few helpful items. The game can end in two ways: the killer slays all of the survivors that are scurrying all around the map, or the survivors are able to complete the escape alive. You will find yourself flinching at every noise you hear, but you will never get enough.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

If scary, bloody video games are not really your cup of tea, we have this alternative. The concept is pretty much the same: you have to fight to be the one who finishes first. The difference lies in how you do that. You become a big, jelly bean-like character that bounces its way through obstacles, together with 60 other players. The competition can get rough, and you might even find yourself frustrated if you do not qualify for the next round. On the other hand, when you do win, you will collect Crowns, also known as the premium currency used in the game. It might look like a sweet and easy game, but you and your friends will quickly find out that it can be much more than that.

Jackbox Party Pack

This is a funny and interactive game that has many different options, so it can be almost impossible for your group to not find something you all enjoy. You can either have a competition by answering trivia questions with ”You Don’t Know Jack”, or guess what is true and what is false with ”Lie Swatter”. There is also an option for some word association games, in ”Word Spud”. If you thought these sounded great, wait until you reveal all of them! A night in together can have a hilarious end thanks to this game.

Rocket League

What do you get when you mix up rocket cars and giant soccer balls? Well, this game! It is what it sounds like: playing soccer with oversized vehicles. All you need to do is make sure you can get a goal before your friend from the opposite team does. We know, we also wish this could be more than just a fictional game, but until something like this will be totally safe in real life, we will settle for the online version.


If the hero shooter arena is your second home, you and your friends will find this game more than perfect. It is some of the most challenging, skill-based shooters you could possibly play at the moment. You can choose which character fits your play style the most and team up with your friends in trying to either plant a bomb, or diffuse it. Basically, if you have been looking for a version of ”Overwatch” that has more of a learning curve and slow burn, you have found your treasure.


So, playing which of these games will you spend your next hangout with the group? We are curious to hear about your choice and overall opinion! Also, if you have played one of these games before, would you recommend them? We hope you will have a great time discovering them and you will be able to form even stronger friendships after you are done playing.

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